Memory and Sexual Assault

The following studies are taken from an article titled “Repressed Memory: What the Science says” (From “Accuracy About Abuse” May 1997): Professor Alan Schefflin, Santa Clara University Law School and Dr. Daniel Brown reviewed 25 recent studies (spring 1996) on Amnesia for childhood sexual abuse. They state: “No study failed to find it….Amnesia for childhood… Continue reading Memory and Sexual Assault

…But why didn’t I tell?

Many of us, in response to being told that being abused as children was not our fault, respond with the line, “…But I never told anybody?”. We berate ourselves for not being able to tell, and somehow conclude that the fact that we “didn’t tell anyone” about the abuse, somehow makes us culpable for it.… Continue reading …But why didn’t I tell?

Child Rape: For Survivors and Interested Others

Introduction This article is primarily intended to provide information and support for adult survivors of child sexual abuse who experienced penetrative contact. A secondary aim is to give information that may facilitate understanding for people who support survivors of child rape. While all child sexual abuse is serious, there are some specific problems associated with… Continue reading Child Rape: For Survivors and Interested Others