Disclosing Self-Injury

For the vast majority of people, talking about self-injury for the first time is a very scary prospect. I’m sure, like me, you have all imagined the worst case scenario of what could happen if we were to tell someone about it. Of course we can never be certain about how someone is going to… Continue reading Disclosing Self-Injury

What actually is considered self-injury?

Many people question whether certain behaviour is considered self-harm. Self injury (SI) (also called Self-harm, self-inflicted violence, self-injurous behavior, self-mutilation) is a very broad term that can encompass a very wide variety of behaviours, and therefore it is unsurprising that many of us get confused when trying to ascertain exactly what self-injury actually is. Many… Continue reading What actually is considered self-injury?

Understanding Why You Self-Harm

Understanding why you self-harm can play a big role in learning how to deal without self-harm in your life. After all, knowledge is power, and power gives us control to make the choices that are right for ourselves. This discussion by no means attempts to encompass every explanation for self-harm, but focuses on several of… Continue reading Understanding Why You Self-Harm