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Get Involved with Pandora's Project!

There are a lot of simple ways for you to get involved in spreading the word about Pandora's Project and raising awareness of rape and sexual abuse.  Please let us know how you're helping out!


  • Join the Message Board & Chat Room
    There is no better way to advance our mission than by advancing your own healing. As a rape or sexual abuse survivor or supporter of someone who was victim of sexual violence, we can help you as you heal.

  • Donate Now! 
    We rely on support from the public to keep our programs strong and help us reach rape and sexual abuse survivors. Donations of all sizes are appreciated!

  • Buy a Contributing Membership
    Registered support community members can upgrade their membership. For more information, view this thread.

  • Print Brochures & Flyers
    Spread the word about our online support community - hang flyers on bulletin boards in coffee shops, at colleges, and wherever else you think will reach rape and sexual abuse survivors.


Get Involved in your Community & School

You can advance our mission in a number of ways. Please let us know what you're doing to make a difference!



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