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Remember that in order to access the private forums you must have registered, validated your email account by clicking a link emailed to you, and waited for administrator approval (less than 24 hours). If you are still having any problems getting onto the board, you can always email the moderators at and we will do our best to help you. Here are some steps that might help you access the board.

The Board Says "Error: Hack Attempt"
First, make sure that you have been granted access. If you just registered a few minutes ago, chances are that the moderators have not had enough time to give you access. If you know you have access, check the capitalization on your username and password. The board is wildly case sensitive.

If you know you have the capitalization right, clear your cache and delete your cookies. To do this follow the instructions that apply to your browser:

In Internet Explorer:
- Open the Tools menu and choose Internet Options.
- Under Temporary Internet Files click Delete File
- Under History click Clear History
- Click OK.

In Netscape
- Open the Edit menu and choose Preferences.
- Click the Advanced category and select Cache.
- Click the Clear Disk Cache button and the Clear Memory Cache button.
- Click OK.

To Delete Cookies:
Find your Cookies folder, located on your computer's hard drive (for Windows machines it is usually C:Cookies or C:WindowsCookies).
- Select all of your cookies and drag them into your trash.
- Empty your trash.

If you still can't get into the board, please email the moderators at

You are unable to log on:

1. The board accepts your log-in details, but you are unable to access any private forums: IF it has been more than 24 hours since you registered, this is almost always a cookie problem. Follow the instructions above for clearing your cookies and cache. Please do this before contacting a moderator. If this does not work, please email the moderators at

2. The board says that your member name no longer exists: Your user name was probably lost in a board move, or was pruned due to inactivity. Please re-register. You may use the same user name and email address.

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