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Pandora's Aquarium Board of Directors

Pandora's Aquarium, an online support group, message board and chat room for sexual abuse, rape, and sexual assault victims, was founded in 1999 and is run by survivors for survivors.

The Board of Directors of our nonprofit is responsible for moderating and maintaining the Pandora's Aquarium message board.  The Board is comprised of strong, diverse, and committed survivors of all types of sexual violence, including stranger rape, acquaintance rape, date rape, gang rape, partner and marital rape, and child sexual abuse. The staff includes therapists, teachers, published authors, advocates, a lawyer, parents, and partners. Although we do not moderate in our professional capacities or offer professional advice on the board, we do bring varied and educated skills to Pandora's Aquarium.

We are passionate about moderating this special place for survivors, and we welcome you to get to know us. You can email us at admin @

Jackie | Jes | Kristy | Louise | Monika | Shannon | Stephanie

Jackie (Treasurer and Moderator)

I became a member of Pandora's Aquarium in the summer of 2001. After being raped by an acquaintance in 1998, I made a few efforts to seek online support, but didn't find anything beneficial until I arrived here. Having gained so much from this community, it was an incredible privilege to become a moderator in 2004. Being a moderator has provided me with an avenue to take this life altering experience and help others realize it is possible to heal from sexual violence.

Teaching in an inner city has been my passion for the last 11 years. There isn't a day that I don't spring out of bed at the opportunity to work with children and help shape the future. Most recently I have completed my Administrative certification and aspire to enter Educational Leadership at some point in the not too distant future. I am extremely patriotic and enjoy reading about U.S. History. While I don't have any of my own children, I am blessed to have two wonderful nieces & a nephew whom I adore. I don't cook, but I do have a really nice new stove, so who knows what the future holds?!

Jes (Vice-President & Moderator)

I joined Pandora's Aquarium in June of 2001. Being a member of the board helped me immensely as I began my healing after being raped in April of 2001 by my neighbor, so I was honored to be asked to be a moderator in April of 2002. Helping to manage this board remains a humbling privilege. I am awed by the brave and noble people who come here to heal. I also run the website Surviving to Thriving.

My healing path lead me to return to graduate school in 2003 to earn my degree in counseling, which I did in August of 2005. Although I focused my studies on the effects of sexual assault, I am not a practicing clinician. Shortly after I graduated, I married my husband Stephen and am now a stay-at-home mother to our beautiful daughter who was born in January of 2007. I live in New York with my family and our cat, Kiana, where I am a cook, a gardener, and a reader. I love to learn and love to laugh and am happier than I ever thought I could be.

Kristy (Director & Moderator)

I joined Pandora's Aquarium in 2001, when I was 18 years old. I had been a victim of gang rape that was organised by an abusive ex-boyfriend. At the time, I would never have believed that it would be possible to heal, but finding a community of people who understood made all the difference in my healing. I’m grateful for the life I have, and I’m not sure I’d be who I am today without the support of this beautiful community. I’ve only recently become a moderator, but am thankful for the opportunity to give something back.
I’m from Tasmania; we have beautiful beaches, but it's too cold to go in the water. I love local history, and art has always been an outlet for me. My other favorite outlet is the gym. I enjoy taking pump and combat classes. A couple of years ago, I decided to put my spare time to good use and started a long-term writing project. I’m now about halfway through writing a book for survivors of gang rape.

I’m in my final year of a teaching degree, and work in a small school as a teacher’s assistant. For the past 6 years, I’ve also coordinated the Outside School Hours Program, but I’m taking 4 months off to work in a summer camp and travel the US. My favourite possession is my ipod! I love drinking coffee and wearing my pajamas and I have a pet rabbit who thinks he’s a puppy.

Louise (Director & Administrator)

I am an Australian survivor of child sexual abuse and domestic violence which included rape. I have been a moderator of Pandora's Aquarium since 2002, and it has been a real privilege to give back to a community from which I've had the most valuable support of my life. I am sitemistress of Aphrodite Wounded, a site for survivors of marital/partner rape. I have been a rape/domestic violence activist and advocate for 18 years. I have an Associate Diploma in Welfare Studies (La Trobe University, Victoria, 1996). I am co-author with Dr. Patricia Easteal of the book Real Rape, Real Pain: Help for Women Sexually Assaulted by Male Partners. Having a site and writing a book for survivors of partner rape have been two of the major fruits of my own healing, and I feel honoured to have been able to assist other women in breaking the silence and seeking healing around this much-misunderstood type of sexual assault.

I'm married with 5 children aged between 7 and 24 years, and two grandchildren. I have a quick temper but am a loyal friend. I love: random net-surfing, bellydancing, classical music, Harry Potter, good booze, rude jokes, and watching DVD's with my children. I don't like: The Australian government's treatment of asylum seekers, fundamentalist religion and doctor's appointments. Oh, and I hate peanut butter.

Monika (Director & Moderator)

I joined Pandora’s Aquarium in 2001. The members were instrumental in helping me to cope with and heal from the experience of being stalked and repeatedly raped. I should probably mention that I am also a survivor of prolonged childhood sexual abuse and partner abuse and that Pandy’s was the first place where my complex history was understood. What a gift! I have done so much healing in the past years and Pandora’s Aquarium was an integral part of that process. Today I feel incredibly honored to be able to give back to this wonderful community by helping to moderate it.

I work as a psychotherapist in private practice. I present workshops at the national level and I have published several times in my specialty area. (I do not provide professional advice or services on the board). I am one of those lucky people who loves her job and feels blessed to be able to work with the clients I see.

I make my home in New England with my husband, our amazing and beautiful new daughter, our mischievous, fun-loving little puggle and our two quirky cats. I love being with my family, laughing, playing outside, meeting people and finding ways to drink up every minute of life. I also have a penchant for Reese’s seasonal candy. I love their Hearts, Eggs, Pumpkins and Trees! I’m known to buy them in quantity to ensure I never go without. Unfortunately I recently miscalculated and have run out! I will spend this summer trying to find ways to talk the company into making a summer product for me to indulge in… so, yes, unlike my dear friend Lou, I adore peanut butter, particularly when there is chocolate involved!

Shannon (President and Administrator)

Although I no longer actively moderate the message board, I've been part of Pandora's Aquarium for most of my adult life, having started the board when I was 19 in 1999. I am a survivor of an acquaintance rape, and I don't want any survivor to feel as alone as I did when I began healing. I am a trained domestic violence and rape advocate and an active rape awareness and education speaker.  I first spoke out when I appeared on 20/20 in 1999, and I am a member of RAINN's Speaker's Bureau and was selected to be part of TEAM SOAR. I also run Welcome to Barbados, a Tori Amos inspired site for rape and sexual abuse survivors.

I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life (who proposed to me at the Taj Mahal in India) in 2005, the same year that I graduated law school and passed the horrendous bar exam. I live in the Midwestern U.S. and am an attorney. I have two yetis I call cats and an epileptic beagle.  I love spring, politics, a good sense of humor, cooking, mojitos, music, and travel. I dislike bad grammar, ignorance, war, and mosquitoes. My heroes are the late Senator Paul Wellstone and Sheila Wellstone, and if I can have a fraction of the positive influence on the world that they had, I will be thankful.

At the end of 2007, I shifted my role from that of active message board moderator to nonprofit administrator.  My focus is on building Pandora's Aquarium, Inc., and continuing work on the nonprofit's other sexual violence projects. 

Stephanie (Director & Moderator)

I experienced an abusive relationship as a young adult and after several years of failing to find any support at all I was lucky enough to discover Pandora’s Aquarium in the summer of 2001. The community here has played a key role in my own healing and I was therefore delighted to be asked to join the moderating team in April 2006. I live with my beautiful husband in a wee house in Scotland and we are excitedly awaiting the birth of our first baby.

I trained originally as an actor before going on to complete a BA Honours degree in Drama, Applied Theatre and Education. After working as a drama practitioner in London I decided to return to Scotland in 2005 to get my teaching qualification and I am currently working as a drama teacher in a local school.

I have been involved in a number of rape related projects over the years including serving on the management committee of an anti rape organisation, developing and touring a theatre and education piece on sexual violence, a dissertation on rape in the media and I also run Over the Rainbow a support site for survivors of any type of unwanted sexual contact.

Other passions in my life include champagne, ice cream, pizza and learning.

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