Thank you to all who joined us at the retreat!

St. Joseph Institute In October of 2009, 35 survivors gathered in Pennsylvania.  Everyone expected healing, but we all left members of a strong community of friends.

We do hope to host more retreats in the future in different areas of the US.  However, since Pandora's Project is run solely by volunteers, retreats take us more than a year to organize.  We hope to hold the next retreat in the fall of 2011.   Bookmark this page and check back for more information.  

Several attendees have shared some thoughts on their experience below:

It's difficult to capture this powerful experience in words. The online support I have received at Pandys came to life with some tears, but so much more laughter and hugs! I will always feel deeply connected to these brave, strong survivors. - Amy

"I never would have though that spending 4 days with complete strangers would impact my life the way that it did. We came from miles apart and left closer than ever. I feel honored that I was able to meet some of the most amazing Survivors and I will cherish every laugh, tear, and hug that we shared. Thank you for becoming a part of my life!"  -

As we come to the Pandy's website we read posts from others assuring us we are normal and we are not alone, but at the retreat, I finally believed it. Just being in the same room with so many others who understand what I am saying instead of looking at me like I am abnormal made me finally believe I am ok just the way I am, and I am worthy of love and respect. Being in the room with so many others who are moving forward from surviving to thriving and inspiring me with their strength allows me to finally begin to believe I can do it, too. I have hope now.   Thanks so much for both Pandy's and the retreat. 
- Lisa

I never thought that going to the Moving Forward retreat would impact me as much as it did. Not only did I come away with some amazing new friends, I learned so much about myself and where I need to focus my efforts on my healing journey. I felt like I gained new perspectives on how to navigate my personal relationships, including the realm of intimacy. I was able to open up and be vulnerable in a way that not many people ever see me, and I felt 100% supported and comfortable.   - Lindsay

The Moving Forward Retreat made it possible for me to connect with other survivors on a completely new level. Which was something i truly needed to do to facilitate my healing. I met amazing, strong, beautiful women who helped me understand and know that i am not alone, and made me see that I am just as amazing and strong as they are. This retreat made me delve deeper into myself and learn more about what makes me who i am. If there was just one word i could say about the retreat, i would say, "Life-altering." It changed the course of my healing and created bonds that will last a lifetime! Thank you so much for making this possible!
- Caitlyn  


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