Healing and recovery from rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse is possible
Pandora's Aquarium, an online support group, message board, and chat room for rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse survivors
How to Register and Begin your
Rape and Sexual Abuse Healing Journey

To keep the rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse survivor message board, online support group, and chat room safe, registration is a multi-step process. Please remember that you must register, then click a link sent to your email address, then await moderator approval because you can access the private forums. This section walks you though the process.

Please don't be nervous.  The process is easier than it seems, and if you have any problems registering or would like us to create an account for you manually, just contact us at admin@pandys.org.

1) Click this link to begin the registration process. Click here to see a screenshot of this step. Select the link that corresponds with your birthdate. Users under age 13 must have a parent or legal guardian sign a permission form. This is required to comply with federal law.

2) Next, you must read and agree to the board's Terms of Service. If you agree to abide by the TOS, check the box and click the 'Register' button.

3) Now you must enter details into the registration form.

- First, choose a username. You can select whatever you want, but it must be appropriate for a survivor board (no triggering words or profanity). We would also prefer that it does not contain many numbers, because that makes it hard to remember and contact you via the board. Your username must also have not been chosen. If you have javascript enabled in your browser, the form will automatically tell you if your username is already in use. Click here to see a screenshot of this. When your username is available, you will see a green checkmark instead of a red x, as this screenshot shows.

- Second, choose a password. For your security, choose a password only you know. You must enter your password twice. If the passwords you enter do not match, the form will tell you. Click here to see a screenshot of this. When your passwords match, you will see a green checkmark instead of a red x, as this screenshot shows.

- Now you need to enter your email address. A free email address, such as gmail, yahoo, or hotmail, is fine for this purpose. Again, as with the password, your email address must be entered twice.

* Note: your email address must be REAL and you must have ACCESS to it. If you enter a fake email address, you WILL NOT be able to complete your registration and enter the board.

- You choose whether to make your email address private or viewable by other members. If you make it private, only board mods have access to your email address.

- To keep post times accurate, select your time zone.

- Next, enter your gender as well as your membership type. Choose "Survivor" if you have been a victim of abuse or rape yourself. Choose "Secondary Survivor" if you are here to support a survivor, or talk with other secondary survivors about supporting a survivor. This is your primary group, so if you are here as both a survivor and supporter, please select Survivor.

- Answer the spam-bot question and enter the security code confirmation.

- Press the "Submit" button.

4) The next important step is to check the email address you used in registration. Within a few minutes of registering, you will receive a validation email. You MUST click the link provided in this email or your registration will not be completed and you will not have access to the board. You have three days to click this link before your registration is deleted; if you miss this, you can always re-register. Be sure to check your bulk mail folder. Depending on your individual mail settings, your validation email might be routed to your junk mail folder.

5) Once you've validated your email address by clicking the link in the email you receive, a moderator must manually view and approve your account. We check new registrations to keep the board as secure as possible. Your account will be approved within 24 hours of your email validation - but usually much faster. Please do not register a second time. 

6) You will receive an email notification when your account has been approved. Congratulations! You're a member now and can post on the message board.  After you've made five posts, you can join the chat room to chat with other rape and sexual abuse survivors. Welcome to Pandora's Aquarium!


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