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Quick Info Cards
for Rape & Sexual Abuse Survivors

We've had many survivors of sexual violence express difficulty with doctor's appointments and other situations - especially when the circumstances may be triggering, but the survivor is not comfortable expressing what she or he needs in words.

We have created these cards for you to use in these situations.  They can be given to the receptionist when you check in for your appointment at the doctor's or dentist's office, or given to the nurse or other health care provider. You can use the TSA/security card to give to a TSA agent if you are selected for a pat-down or other enhanced screening before you fly. 

PDF cards are available for you to download and use for the following situations:




Example of an appointment card available for download


If you have ideas for additional cards, please let us know using our contact form

Special thanks to Alexis for suggesting this helpful idea!


Other Resources

Tips for Dental Appointments [pdf]:  Ideas from other survivors on coping with trips to the dentist.

Ob/Gyn Coping:  Tips for finding a gynecologist and coping with the appointment.

Surgery Coping Tips for Survivors:  Helpful ideas from a survivor for others dealing with surgical procedures.

General Grounding Exercises:  How to stay calm and grounded for appointments and other stressful situations

Example Letter to Doctors: This discussion thread is available only to survivor members of the Pandora's Aquarium message board.

Pain Chart: Survivors also sometimes have difficulty rating and expressing their level of pain while undergoing medical procedures.  You may find the FLACC pain scale useful to print off and bring to appointments with you.  You can print this pain chart from Medscape.