Pregnant by Rape
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When I first opened this site, there were very few resources for women who had experienced rape related pregnancy on the net.
In the last few years, however, some other resources have sprung up, so I have therefore decided to close this site. I would like to thank the wonderful people I've come to know over the years for their correspondence.
What you will see below are links to other rape-related pregnancy resources. You may find some of them helpful depending on your need.
Please browse the links, and if you need immediate assistance, please do not hesitate to call a rape crisis service. Look below for hotlines.
If you have just been raped, or have missed your period and are scared, you should get immediate support. Rape Crisis services can help with medical check-ups.
You can share with other women who have experienced rape-related pregnancy and who have kept, relinquished or terminated at Pandora's Aquarium (a message board, chat room, and online support group for rape and sexual abuse survivors) where there is a forum especially for rape-related pregnancy. You'll need to register first.
I wish you the very best no matter what you decide to do. Get support, do not allow yourself to be strong-armed into doing what's not right for you,
and please, remember that you are not alone.
My name is Andrew Solomon, and I am writing a book called Dozen Kinds of Love, which will look at how families deal with various kinds of challenging children. One chapter is on people bringing up children conceived in rape. I am writing this chapter in part so that other mothers who choose to keep such children will have a sense of how to cope; I hope this book will help such mothers to avoid the despair and depression that can so often afflict them. There's just not enough out there for mothers making decisions related to such children. I'm hoping to talk to a number of mothers who have kept their children, and also to some of the children themselves.  Everyone will have the choice to be quoted with their real name or without their real name. I'm a writer for The New York Times and other publications, and my last book, The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression (, won the National Book Award and has been published in 24 languages. I look forward to hearing from you. You can reach me by e-mail at (address is not a live link so as to avoid spam; cut and paste) 
International Rape Crisis Hotlines
Free and confidential support for you.
Information about rape related pregnancy
Includes material on all choices and other aspects.
Project Becky -
Becky's site for survivors who have conceived through rape.
Hope for Healing Rape and Pregnancy Page
This is a good, useful page containing a survivor testimony and other facts and resoources
Pregnancy Following Rape 
 This is an excellent article - sexual assault counsellors adressing the needs of women impregnated by rape. An Australian service that makes many good and validating points.
BirthMothers, Natural Mothers, First Mothers, Survivors
Heart-rending site of a woman who had a rape conceived baby and wrote a book about her experiences. 
 A Legal Perspective 
Rapists Who Seek Access To Children Conceived by Rape

Donna's Rape-Related Pregnancy Page
Many resources. Pro-life oriented (without pushiness or guilt trips)
Rape Survivor Sites
An extensive list of survivor sites
For people conceived in rape.
Extremely helpful and compassionate. You may want to join Stigma's mailing list.
NB. The mailing list is also for birth or adoptive parents. This group is particularly helpful arround issues of what to tell your chilld, or how to help if your child finds out.