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The Wizard ...

paths to healing from sexual assault


Scarecrow: "You humbug!"
Wizard: "Yes,  that is exactly so. I'm a humbug."

Myths about rape are rife in society.
The following quote from Recovering from Rape explains some of the reasons for this:
"Myths about rape have survived in our culture so tenaciously for so long because they have a number of social functions. Rape myths allow people to feel safe by letting them believe that rape rarely happens, and when it does, it is because the woman secretly wanted to be raped. The myths enable us to maintain our belief that we live in a just world. They allow us to believe that we can prevent future rapes. They keep women unequal to men, living under their control and need of their protection from harm, and they maintain the Adam-and Eve tradition of our culture, in which man is believed to be the innocent victim of the evil temptress - women."
(Ledray, L. Recovering from Rape, London, Henry Holt & Company, 1994, p.13).

What Are the Myths?
Myth: Women frequently lie about rape.
Fact: The FBI figure on false claims is 2% - not only is this not higher than false claims for any other crimes it is in fact lower.

Myth:  Rape is sex
Fact: Rape is about power not sex - sex involves two freely consenting people rape does not.
Myth:  If she didn't fight it isn't rape
Fact:  There are many reasons why a woman might not fight such as fear - many women freeze when they are raped.
Myth:  She should just get over it
Fact:  People do not just get over rape - there is no time limit on recovery and it can take years before someone comes to terms with what has happened
Myth:  Women ask for rape by wearing provocative clothing and being attractive
Fact:  What someone wears and what they look like has nothing to do with being raped - children and old people are raped just as often as those considered to be attractive.  Women are entitled to wear what they want without being harassed for it.  No woman asks to be raped.
Myth: It isn't rape if there is no violence
Fact:  Not all rape involves physical violence - the act of rape is violence enough
Myth: Rapists are strangers who attack with a weapon at night
Fact:  Most women are raped by people they know
Myth:  Husbands can't rape their wives
Fact.  Rape in marriage is a crime - rape is rape regardless of relationship
Myth: If she gave in it isn't rape
Fact: Submission is not consent
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