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    From "Spring Awakening " - Frank Wedekind
Wendla's first speech after being raped. Her mother hasn't told her about sex and she doensn't understand what has happened to her. Her confusion and desire to tell someone what has happened to her are clear in this short speech:
Act 2, Scene 6

The BERGMANN'S garden in morning sunlight.

WENDLA: Why did you slip out of the room? To pick violets! Because mother sees me smiling. Why can't you close your lips anymore? I don't know. I really don't know, I don't know the words...
The path's like a soft carpet. No stones, no thorns. My feet don't touch the ground...O how I slept last night!
They were here. I feel as solemn as a nun at communion. These beautiful violets! Hush, mother, I'll wear my sackcloth. O God, if only someone could come and I could throw my arms around his neck and tell!

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