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To the Special People in My Life...

paths to healing from sexual assault

I wanted to create a page for those who have helped me reach where I am today as a person and as a survivor. Without them I would never have got to a place where I felt able to make a website like this.

Louise from Aphrodite Wounded for her fantastic web deisgn work on the site - you've given me a home to be proud of! 

My beautiful husband who calls me his crystal and makes me feel pure, loved and precious.

My dad and brothers who I know love and support me.

My friends Jillian, James, Lisa and Helen - for never doubting me.
Lou (again!)- your validation has been constant and some of the most important I have had. I am so proud and lucky to know you.

My on-line friends at Pandora's who provided me with the validation that I desperatly needed but never thought I would receive. Without you I would never have had a voice. 

Laney, Mel, Lou, Lindy and diva_ml for technical assistance and helping a technophobe make a website.

Email me!
"someplace where there isn't any trouble"
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