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    Reese's Story
My father abused me and my mom first called the police and reported him and then started divorce preceedings. I'm not sure if my mom then went to the church, or if they just found out, but our community was very small. Most of the town was involved in the church one way or the other. We were Seventh-Day Adventists and I attended the private school and my mom worked for the hospital(also Adventist)in the cafeteria. Anyway, when the pastor found out she had gone to the police, he told her she was wrong, she should have brought it to the church to deal with. My father was not really an ardent churchgoer, mainly went because my mom went. He also worked for the hospital as a groundskeeper. In the divorce papers(which I've read) my mom said that she had been forced to resign her job, or be fired, for not coming to the church first. My mom resigned, my father was allowed to keep his job. We ended up moving and what makes this whole story a little strange is that we moved to another Adventist community. My mom and I were involved in the church till I was in high school and the church was always great to us. No other Adventist community kicked us out becuase of this, on the contrary, they were extremely supportive, paid my way all through elementry school to Adventist school. Apparently it was only this one pastor that had a problem. I was only 7 at the time this happened, so I don't know much more then I have written, but as I have been exploring the abuse by my father and the strange reaction of the church, I have begun to wonder if there's more to this story. I've always had a "funny" feeling in regards to this pastor, but have never allowed myself to verbilize it because so much of my childhood I have forgotten.
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