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survivor creativity


I work in theatre and creativity is an important part of my life and has played an important part in my healing. I wanted to include a page for those who find that writing/reading poetry/stories has helped them. Due to time constraints, I am not currently accepting artwork, poetry or prose for this site.
If you would like to display an artwork of your journey through sexual violence, I do urge you to take part in the Survivor Mural Project.
Please note that some of the material contained within these pages is extremely triggering - please take care of yourself while reading/viewing this section.
Please note that all material on these pages is copyrighted to its authors.

EssaysPoetryArtDanceTheatreCreative WritingMusic

  • Break something like I had been broken: A short essay I wrote about the aftermath of rape
  • The Conversation: An excellent essay about the importance and difficulties of talking about rape.
  • Telling: A wonderful Essay by Jes on refusal to be silenced
  •  All About Consent: Validating article about what consent is.
  • "The Rape" of Mr. Smith: Fictional essay highlighting the way that rape victims are treated compared to the victims of other crimes, by Art Spikol.from his October, 1973 article in Philadelphia Magazine, 30 Rapes a Day.
  • Men Unlearning Rape: From the same website on rape prevention as the Consent Rules! essay this essay is aims to help men understand rape and consent. It contains some validating writing on consent which you may find helpful. This is a .pdf so you'll need Acrobat Reader to view it.
  • Dervorgila's Poetry:Tumble, Blind and Bound,Choking,Bruises, Goo,,Silent No More,Crossing Lines,Verbs,Oral,Sit Calmly
  • Whitney's Poetry Still, Maybe if I open my eyes,Falling through the cracks, Hope, Lay me here to die
  • Emily's Poetry: Make me feel that I am loved, Friend or Foe, I am the Girl, On My Shoulder, Screaming Inside, The Outsider, What is the world coming to? My Angels, Will you listen to me God?
  • Dawn's Poetry: Who am I? Lost, The Child, Before Feeling 
  • Charlene's Poetry: The Accused
  • Tini's Poetry:  Self-Portrait, Staten Island Photograph, The Long Goodbye, My Death, The Spider, Flatline, Letter to my Parents, Apocalypse Now, Martin Returns Home, No Answers, Alive, In the End, July 12 2004, Lucky, Reflections in a Train Window, Wounded, Rome, The Rape,
  • Becky's Poetry: Untitled
  • Phoenyx's Poetry: depression, C.O.D., self-portrait, Metamorphosis
  • Abbey's Poetry:some fairy tale, he taught me how, i'm free even if i don't feel like it, sentenced, victim = dirty word, untitled, almost
  • Kari's Poetry: The Tunnel
My Art Links: This is not my art but a couple of links to interactive creative sites that I love:
Now see amazing works by survivor artists who have let me display their work on this site:
Please be careful when viewing the art work - it includes several pieces that are triggering.
  • Dance is not only a wonderful and fun form of exercise, it is a great way to express yourself. Don't feel you need to have any previous dance experience - most places have beginners classes available.   Go to the Dance page where Nicole, Sav, Lisa, Louise and I will share the benefits of dance - lovely pictures too!
This section includes information on plays that contain a rape/abuse theme, examples from some of those plays and at the ways Theatre in Education can/could be used as a tool to explore issues around unwanted sexual contact.
 Please be careful when looking at the theatre work - it includes several pieces that could be very triggering.
Music can be very powerful and healing. Whatever type of music you like it can be soothing to listen to. If you find music especially comforting you may want to create a healing CD compilation of your favourite tracks. If you have music that has helped you please send me your suggestions so that I can add them to this page.
  • On this page you will find music suggestions
  • Please don't miss the SurvivIng the Memories Survivor Jukebox. Donna has put together pages of more than 300 songs and pieces of classical music that you can click to listen to. Browse the A-Z songs list, and if your favourite survivor anthem isn't there, suggest it.
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