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    Dervorgila's Poetry
And I begin again
Like a jeweler tumbling stones
Or a mollusk making a pearl
I roll these thoughts in my mind.
Words are too simple for these ideas
Instead, pictures, music, color
Shimmer behind my mask
Where no one can see.
Textures of purples, greens, blues, and reds
Mean more than just their hue.
The trouble behind the symbols
Clog the veins of my soul.

Blind and Bound
Blind and bound
He touches me still
From the dark and silence
Can't escape how I feel
Frozen like ice
My words no longer flow
The knots are too tight
This, my fatal blow
Surrounded by water
Naked and cold
The pain he creates
I remember til I'm old
Bruises in places you'll never see
Scars deep inside of me
Mem'ries and faces there will always be
I didn't want to hurt you
I didn't want to see you cry
I didn't want to upset you
While inside I almost die
grasp my head
pull me close
shove him deep
choke on him
pull him out
grasp my head
pull me close
shove him deep
choke on him
rape he does

Silent No More
I have always kept
What he did
Silent until now

Choking on a mouthful of him
I push him away
He shoves again- too deep for me
Crossing Lines
I told him what I wanted
I also told him no
He tried and tried again
To see how far he could go
I relented to his pressure
I let him have his way
He pulled me close to him
And I remember to this day
He shoved his hand inside of me
Going way too deep
Bruises 'round the edges
Keep me from my sleep
Into my mouth he jammed himself
Choking my every breath
Harder and harder he shoved it
My mind was cold dark death
Spilling his brokenness onto my chest
He carried me to the shower
Chlorine and fingers inside of me
My weakness is his power
The pain he left you cannot see
From when he made me his lover
I can't forget what he's done to me
Now that it is over

With his hands on him
Hot sticky slimy gooey
He leaves it on me
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