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My Story

my sexual violence survivor story

I experienced a sexually abusive involvement with an older man for nine months when I was twenty. When I tried to get help from those around me I was not believed. When I looked for support resources such as books I found none. Luckily I found support on-line at Pandora's Aquarium, an online support group message board and chat room for rape & sexual abuse survivors, and through the incredible work of Louise at Aphrodite Wounded  (a site for survivors of partner/spousal rape) both which enabled me to go into therapy and get professional support. If you wish to know more about my experiences please feel free to email me.

There isn't a single day that goes by that it still doesn't affect me in some way but I also feel I have taken back control of my life. It was important to me that something good came out of what happened and I have since been involved in a number of projects that raise awareness and aim to change people's attitudes towards rape. This work has included :
  • I have been involved in work for an anti-rape organisation for a number of years and served on their management committee.
  • I worked with four other women to develop a piece of Theatre in Education on sexual violence which toured schools. For more on this project please see the Theatre in Education page in the Rainbows creativity section. 
  • I completed a research project on the viability of creating a programme of work on unwanted sexual contact for a theatre company who are now running this work.
  • I wrote my dissertation on representations of sexual violence against women in film . You can read this work here.  
  • I also help to moderate Pandora's Aquarium, an online support message board for survivors.
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