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    Missy's Story
It was a Friday night, I had a male friend over and we were having a few drinks and watching TV. He started kissing and hugging on me and I didn't really mind it at first, but then he started to touch my breast and made me rub my hand up and down on his penis. His pants were on at fist, but then he unzipped them and took his penis out of his pants and placed my hand on it and rubbed it up and down on it. I tried to pull away but he kept doing it. I told him no several times but he wouldn't stop and when he did it was only for a short time. When I didn't give him what he wanted he brought his penis up towards my mouth and tried to make me have oral sex with him. I once again said no. I couldn't get him to leave my house. He then finally stopped and asked to use the rest room. After he returned he asked me if he could get off in front of me. I said no once again.
I tried to keep my smarts about me but it was hard. Especially for someone who is in a wheelchair like myself and can't fight back as easy. The only thing that saved me that might was a phone call he got. After he hung up he left. I was so scared I didn't know what to do, I didn't want to call the cops because I thought it was my fault but I had to.. I reported it and all that is getting done is they said it was his word against mine since there were no witnesses.

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