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    From "Decky does a Bronco" - Douglass Maxwell
In this play David recalls the summer his friend Decky was raped and murdered. This speech comes at the end of the play and both challenges the audience not to forget the issue as well as offering hope for the future:
Act 2
David: You know when you watch the news and you see the daily child abduction story; the smiling shcool photo in the corner of the screem and the stern-faced newsreader, unable to believe that they are saying yet again the phrase 'was last seen alive'; do you know when you see that, you always say 'I can't imagine what the parents are going through', do you feel that you're telling a lie? I do. Because when I close my eyes for that split second during the tea time news, when I close my eyes and say 'not again', I can imagine exactly what the parents are going through. Because the unbearable truth is that not only can we imagine what the parents are going though, we can imainge what the child went through. And if we can imagine that...But we don't. We can't limit imagination, but we can censor it. Shut it out and pretend it's mute. We can push that down and down and down so that it only seeps out for seconds at a time. How could we live if we didn't? How could we sleep? We live in a world that is not easily woken up. We're so used to shoving that part of our imagination down that most new atrocities just get plunged into the cellar. Child abuse? Heard id, terrible but down you go. Rape? That old chestnut, dow down down. It's human. Like this. This is a story. Could we push this down? That a man took wee Decky from the swings and thrust him violently up agains the glass and let him look at the worst part of adulthood, and then killed him? Can we go on after that? Yes. Yes, we can, we did. It took a while and like Decky on the swings, we still hold on with one hand, but we jump all the same. I've made it into this story to help me. Some days I never even think about it. Wee Decky...

[Enter Decky who happily runs on-stage and untangles one of the swings from where Chrissy put it and begins to worky-up]

David: I've worked it out now. I have a system for living. You see when the news comes on and I close my eyes, when everyone else is trying their hardest not to see the truth, I have a picture in my mind. It's the most beautiful, free, child-like, fun, important thing in the world. Because it's then, in that blink, in that instant...Decky does a Bronco.

[And so he does. The swing swoops over the bar and he is launched into the air. The lights snap off while he's still flying,]

The End. 

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