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Helpful Links for Rape Survivors

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Click on What You Want to Find Links to

Pandora's Project : Fantastic resources for survivors including articles, lending library and thriving message-board and chat.
Aphrodite Wounded: Louise's beautiful website which offers support and advice for women raped by partners. This site is a wonderful and validating resources.
Welcome to Barbados: Shannon's wonderful Tori Amos inspired site for rape and sexual abuse survivors.
Remember To Breathe: Niffer and Jules's great new site for survivors of multiple victimization.
Surviving to Thriving: Jes's site for female and male survivors of sexual violence, including rape, attempted rape, sexual abuse and incest as well as the people who support them. Crammed full of helpful information
Rubbed the Wrong Way: Another of the wonderful Louise's websites.  This one focuses on supporting men and women who have  experienced sexual assault by a massage practitioner
Hope Heals Me: Mel's survivor site. Wonderfully designed it contains a ton of information for survivors
Surviving the Memories: The musical Donna's awesome website which she created to help others with the simple validation that they are not alone. Don't miss her Survivor Jukebox!
Emergence: A wonderfully creative site - a place where victims of sexual violation can come to feel safe, accepted, cherished.
Healing After Rape : Evelyn's helpful new site for survivors
Tini's Place: The talented Tini's site which includes her artwork and poetry.
A Gift From Within: A beautiful site for durvivors of ritual abuse, and for people living with DID.
Healing Minds: Tracy's really pretty site packed full of useful information - particularly helpful for survivors of mother-daughter sexual abuse
Whitedove's Nest: A really comprehensive and creative site created for survivors of sexual abuse and those that support them.
Survivors Can Thrive: A really positive website for survivors who want to thrive. Lots of self help ideas.
Crushed Roses: A site for date rape survivors. Includes an email support list.
In Bloom : Information on rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence, DID, substance abuse, eating disorders and self harming.
Refuge: Refuge's network of safe houses provides emergency accommodation for women and children when they are most in need. There is a 24 hour helpline.
Women's Aid: Women's Aid is the national charity working to end domestic violence against women and children. Support, advice and a 24 helpline.
Scottish Women's Aid: Support for women, children and young people experiencing domestic violence.
Domestic Abuse Helpline: The Scottish Executive's website about domestic abuse. Includes information, advice and 24 hour helpline.
Welsh Women's Aid is the leading provider of services aimed specifically at helping vulnerable women and children who are experiencing domestic violence and abuse in Wales. Support, advice and a helpline.
Northern Ireland Women's Aid: Women's Aid provides a wide range of services to women and children affected by domestic violence throughout Northern Ireland. We offer a safe place to stay in refuges or outreach support for those remaining at home
Gift From Within - Very informative and there are excellent articles on sexual violence and trauma.
The Sidran Foundation - Helping people understand, recover from, and treat trauma and dissociation.
Something Fishy: Support for those with eating disorders and their loved ones including a very active message board.
Silent Screams: A survivors site that offers support and information for those suffering from eating disorders including a message board.
Self-Injury and Related Issues:Excellent resources 
Walk Away from Fundamentalism: Walk Away from Fundamentalism provides support, advice, and community for those who have left or are in the process of leaving fundamentalist Christianity.
Take Courage: site offering support and information for those who have experienced clergy sexual and domestic abuse in Christian settings.
Losing my Religion: Everything you ever wanted to know about why people leave Christianity.
God Hates Figs: A comedy counter site to the disgusting God Hates Fags Webster.
Good News!: Contains parables that challenge fundamentalist christianity. Includes the well known 'Kissing Hanks Ass'
Christian Survivors: Christian message board for survivors of all types of abuse.
Hidden Hurt Information -This link is part of the Hidden Hurt DV site and leads to links for Christian, Jewish and Islamic survivors.
The Healing Grove: A Yahoo forum for Wiccan and Pagan survivors of Sexual Assault
Darkness Against Domestic Violence : Resources and Education for survivors in the Goth, Pagan and Satanic lifestyle
ISNA Domestic Violence Forum -Excellent information for Women of the Islamic Faith
The Awareness Center The Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault (JCASA)
Survivors UK: Support for male survivors of abuse
Time To Tell the World: Shannon's special section for male rape & abuse survivors.
Voices of Strength: An audio Documentary on CD for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence.
One in Three Women - Beautiful bracelets to combat violence to women.
Rape Crisis Path Finder: This site is jam packed with information including links to hotlines and research information and has a strong emphasis on tackling victim blame.
Rape Crisis Scotland: The national office for rape crisis and sexual abuse centres, part of the Scottish Rape Crisis Network.
Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network - US: America's anti-sexual assault organization. RAINN operates the National Sexual Assault Hotline.
Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling UK: Free and confidential UK based listening, support and information service.
Women Against Rape: Grass-roots, multi-racial women's organisation that campaign for justice, protection and compensation, so that every woman has the power to refuse.
Anti Sexual Assault Activism: American site that fights to improve laws and increase awareness.
One in Three Women - A fantastic global initiative raising awareness of violence to women
Pandora's Aquarium has a forum for rape-related pregnancy, aborting, adoption and parenting if you would like the support of others.
Pregnancy from Rape - A supportive mailing list started by the mother of a rape - conceived child for women who have faced the same situation.
Pregnancy After Rape - Haullie's page of facts and resources
Surviving the Memories - Donna's page of excellent links to resources for rape-related pregnancy.
Inocencia Interrumpida ;- A beautiful Spanish site for survivors of child sexual abuse
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