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    Laur's Story
One thing that bothers me about my parents being very religious is that they hide behind it. they use being a christian as a way to make themselves look good. they go to church every week and volunteer and stuff and thinks it makes them all better. but really, at home, they have been physically and emotionally abusive. it bothers me how my dad could beat the hell out of me on saturday and then go to church on sunday and act like he was a saint.

also, this is something that has bothered me for a long time. my father was once aressted for abusing me and my pastor came to "counsel" me. basicly he said nothing about my father being wrong for having hit me and told me i got hit because i has sinned. grrrrrrrrr.

i guess this is my story of spiritual abuse. sometimes i think god thinks i'm that bad too. i know in my head that he doesn't, but i can't get my hurt to feel that way. i feel like i'm just a bad kid who has sinned too much.
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