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    From "Hellcab" - Will Kern
A scene between a Chicago cab driver and a woman he picks up who has just been raped:
Scene 25

The Cab Driver is driving. He is wasted, groggy, dead tired. He sees a fare and considers it a moment, then pulls over.

Cab Driver: What the hell. One last one.

(A quietly Distraught Woman gets in. She is blank, shell shocked. The Cab Driver hits the meter and pulls away.)

Distraught Woman: I'm only going about three blocks from here. Take a right on Berwyn and then the first left.

Cab Driver: Okay.

Distraught Woman: (Long Pause) I just got raped.

Cab Driver: What?

Distraught Woman: I just got raped.

Cab Driver: (pause) I'm sorry. (pause) Did you call the police?

(she holds up a crumpled police report)

Distraught Woman: What do you think this is?

Cab Driver: I'm so sorry. (pause) Did you know the guy?

Distraught Woman: Yeah. And I'm going to kill him. I'm going to kill that son of a bitch. (pause) Have you ever been raped?

Cab Driver: No

Distraught Woman: It's bad.

Cab Driver: (pause) Are you alright?

Distraught Woman: No. I am not alright.

Cab Driver: Do you want me to take you to the hospital?

Distraught Woman: No. I don't have any insurance anyway.

Cab Driver: Why didn't the police take you home?

Distraught Woman: I don't know. (She begins sobbing. Pause. After a moment she reaches over and touches his shoulder.) I didn't do anything.

Cab Driver: I know, ma'am. I wish it hadn't happened to you, ma'am. I'm so sorry.

Distraught Woman: You don't have to be sorry. You didn't do anything.

Cab Driver: I know. But I'm sorry anyway.

(she pulls her hand away).

Distraught Woman: This is good. Right here.

(he pulls over and hits the metre)

Cab Driver: $4.20

(She pulls a crumpled wad of bills from her pocket and peels off a five dollar bill. As an afterthought she peels off extra buck and hands it to him too. He takes it.)

I'll stay out here 'till you get inside

(she gets out of the cab and runs off stage. The cab driver watches her go.)


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