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    Katya's Story
My parents use religion to hide behind. - very much - although if you said that to them they would deny that - and then go see the priest and say that their child was saying bad things and ask the priest to pray for the child.....(and no i am not overreacting and saying something just to be mean - this is what my parents are like).

They used religion and bad things happening to us as like - well you must have done something wrong for bad things to happen to you. Like god punishing you for your sins.... That you were a really really bad person and that god was punishing you and that if you didnt repent of whatever your sin was then you were going to keep having bad things happen to you.... blah blah blah.... so you end up saying something, anything, just to stop the bad things happening.... and then when they dont stop happening - you kindof decide that you must be a really really really bad person and that god has turned his back on you - as has been promised by oh such loving parents barf.gif

When i finally started talking about things that had happened to me - have spoken to 4 different priest now - and only one of them was good.

Two of them were like - Jesus got put on the cross for others sins so cos he did that we have to forgive to.... and something about if its hard to forgive then we have to keep on forgive (something about the seventy time seven blah blah blah).......

One of them told me it was ok to feel guilty because of enjoying the rape blink.gif ((??????)))) what the????? - then told me to do penance and all would be forgiven....!!! blink.gif (Funnily enough - i walked out of there and never returned)

The last one - said it was ok to be angry about religion and god and all the rest and he reckoned that god would be pretty angry about all that too because god is a god of love not of hate and penance and repentance.

He reckoned that the God he believes in cant stop all the bad things happening but cries when it does happen and tries to show us the way out by helping ourselves and helping others.... eg someone told me about this site - he reckoned that was God helping in a chance conversation.

So - i have been on the side of spiritual abuse. but have finally found someone that is good where spirituality is concerned.
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