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NOV 2009 - Please click here to see a very important announcement!

Any experience of sexual abuse is difficult to deal with and my own was made twice as hard because I felt that what happened to me was such a grey area. The many myths that surround sexual violence meant that I felt that what happened to me didn't count, matter or that I deserved time to heal. I created this site for all those who are struggling with similar issues.

Over the rainbow, there is healing from rape and sexual abuse

If you are a survivor of any type of unwanted sexual contact then you are welcome here. Please take care when viewing the site as you may find some sections triggering. I hope that you find support and validation here - remember that what happened to you matters and you deserve to heal. Check the links page for more support sites including my very supportive messageboard for rape and sexual abuse survivors where you will also be most welcome.
This rape and sexual abuse website uses a Wizard of Oz theme

The wizard of Oz was my favourite film as a child. While much of my innocence was robbed from me I have held on to my love for this film. For me now it is symbolic of the journey I had to make from feeling that where I was was totally grey and longing for this to be different and finally being able to name what happened to me as rape and not feel ashamed.

For survivors of any type of sexual violence
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November 2009
Our Pandora's Project founder, Shannon Lambert was named a 2009 L'Oreal Woman of Worth! She was selected from almost 2,500 applicants. This is the first time Women of Worth has honored a sexual violence organization.

We've already received a $5,000 donation, but now we have the chance to win an additional $25,000. An award like this would help us reach even more survivors, and we need your help!

To show your support for Pandy's and sexual violence survivors everywhere, please go here and cast your vote: http://bit.ly/XVvtZ

You don't need to register; you only need to provide an email address. It takes seconds to make a difference.  Please vote today! Votes must be in by Nov.25
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