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    Christy's Story
My story began when I was 14. I played basketball and my coach was good friends with my father. So he would drive me home after practice. I felt close to this man. Then one day he said he needed to stop by his house before he took me home. I didn't think anything of it. When we pulled in the driveway and parked he told me to come in that he would be a few minutes. I followed him in. I waited in the living room on him. He came out in his underwear. I had a strange feeling come over me at this time. So i ran to the door but it was locked. He picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. He stripped all my clothes off and he raped me. He threatened me and told me that I better never say anything to anyone. I didn't. This type of abuse continued until I was 18 and had graduated high school. The rape became worse and worse each time. He always added stuff. He included other people and he always videoed taped the encounters. Im 32 now and recently is the first time I have e! ver told anyone. I want to think the man that I love for referring me to the website and would like to also think him for believing in me. I already feel so much relief from telling this small part of my story. Thank you JY for loving me. I love you

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