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Healing Books for Rape Survivors

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and the hundreds of survivors of rape and sexual assault who access this valuable service

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Real Rape Real Pain: Help for Women Sexually Assaulted by Male Partners - By Patricia Easteal and Louise McOrmond-Plummer: There is no book currently available that is focused exclusively on women who have been sexually assaulted by a partner. Because rape/sexual assault is still subject to public and judicial stereotypes of "real" rape, i.e. strangers in alleyways and because partner rape is not perceived to be as serious and traumatic as other kinds of rape, survivors often have difficulty finding information and getting support That has now changed! Drawing on the experiences and voices of 30 survivors of partner rape from Australia, North America, Canada and the UK, Real Rape is a healing/resource book for survivors, supporters and professionals in the fields of counselling and advocacy internationally. For more information please go to http://www.partnerrapebook.org/
Point Last Seen - By Ricky Hunter :A compelling book, Point Last Seen….a road to recovery after childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence was officially launched by Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC, the Governor of Queensland, Australia on the 23rd November 2006. This eye-opening book has a dual purpose - it’s a self help book for survivors of domestic violence AND a ticket entry for professionals. This release is Book One of a two part series. Ricky Hunter, new Australian author, lowers her veil of privacy to provide the reader a first-hand view of what it means to live life after being abducted as a child, suffering domestic violence in her marriage and coping with a mental illness.

Living with the Devil: A Memoir by  Amy Norman: In this powerful  book Amy tells the story of her survival of and escape from horrifying domestic violence including continual rape and sexual abuse. Amy says: "My goals for writing Dancing/Living with the Devil were to give those living with violence the chance to realise that there is hope,and the opportunity to move onto a better life, even though at the time there seems little or no hope at all. I also wanted to reach those who don't understand it at all and hopefully wipe out some of the myths that still exist in the minds of so many." 
Bonshea: Making Light out of Dark, By Coral Annika Theill: A woman's true story of terrible abuse first by her husband and then by the justice system who took her children away from her and awarded them to her husband who was being supported by the church. This book tells her story and addresses issues such as rape, domestic violence and spiritual abuse. Click the picture to visit the author's website and find out more.
I can't Get Over It - A handbook for trauma survivors - Aphrodite Matsakis.:This is the one book that helped me more than any other. It looks at Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome in detail exploring issues such as secondary wounding, triggers and related problems such as addictions and depression. It contains information on what post traumatic stress disorder is and what causes it. There are several exercises to work through and a specific chapter on rape/sexual abuse.
A follow on to the previous book - lots of similar information but this time the focus is on dealing with intimacy and relationships after trauma.

I Never Called It Rape - Robin Warshaw: Based on a survey carried out in America this book looks at the wide spread occurrence of date and acquaintance rape. It contains personal accounts, and looks at what date rape is and how it happens. This book was helpful to me - particularly the sections on what makes women safe victims and on women who return to their rapists. Overall a useful and validating book. 

The Other Side Of Silence - Christine Carter, Avocus Publishing: This book is about women telling of their experiences of date rape. I found this book both very interesting and validating. Each chapter explores one woman's experience of rape and there are also chapters from a man who realised that he had raped, a mother of a rape survivor and chapters on consent. the rape examination and how you can help a rape victim. It doesn't seem to be as well known as the Robin Warshaw book but I thought it was really useful. 

Recovering from Rape - Linda E. Ledray, Henry Colt and Company Inc: This is a more general book about rape though it does contain sections on date rape, rape in marriage and what is described as office rape (rape by someone who is in a position of power eg by being a boss). This book goes through the various stages of recovery both emotional and practical and also contains chapters for significant others.
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