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    Angela's Story
My story began when I was in High School. My biological mom had been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and I was dealing with her illness and High School. The day it happened, I had just gotten home from school and I was alone in the house when there was a knock on my door. I opened it to find my ex-boyfriend standing there asking me if we could talk. I said ok and turned to walk into the livingroom where we could sit and talk. Before I even made it to the entrance to the livingroom, I felt and heard my ex-boyfriend and 5 of his friends in my house. I was surprised to find all of them there because I didn't even know that they had come along. I tried to turn and run up the stairs but, I was grabbed from behind and pulled to the floor. Next thing I know I was being forced out of my school uniform and was being beaten and choked by all 6 guys at once. All of this lasted for about an hour before they stopped and left my house.
Who would've thought that the one guy I had trusted and cared about the most could've done this to me, let alone let his friends do this to me and stand there and laugh about it. After it was all over, I lay there crying, trying to get up but, I was in way too much pain to move. When they left, they had left my front door and the screen door wide open so, luckily, a few friends of mine happened to be driving by and noticed my doors open. Everyone knew that since I was home after school alone for about 2 hours before my mom got home, I NEVER LEFT MY DOOR OPEN, LET ALONE THE SCREEN DOOR. They got out of the car and called my name and when i couldn't answer, they came rushing into the house where they found me lying on the floor. They gently picked me up and took me to the couch. One of the guys there called his brother, who happened to be a cop and told him to get to my house. The girlfriend of one of my friends helped me up so I could get cleaned up a little bit....at least get some ice for my cuts and bruises. The cops arrived and did a "rape kit" and then the girl helped me upstairs to get fully cleaned up. I managed to get dressed and somehow cover the cuts and bruises up enough so that when my mom got home an hour later, she wouldn't be able to tell what had happened.
I kept that incident bottled up for many years. It took place in 1992. The next rape just recently occurred on October 14, 2006. I had gone to the local bar with a friend and was there when another friend called me and said her and her boyfriend would be down to hang out with me. They arrived and even though I told them I didn't want to drink, I somehow managed to drink, and pay for 3 sodas, and 4 Long Island Iced Teas before the night (at the bar, anyway) ended. We were all plastered and we were walking home which was only 1-1/2 blocks or so. We got to my house and I tried to walk up my front steps but, I was pulled back by both of them and we managed to end up at her boyfriend's house which was 6 houses from mine.
We were in the livingroom and my friend passed out on the couch and I wound up in the basement with her boyfriend. At first, we were talking about the two of them and then he started kissing me and taking off my clothes. I tried pulling away but, I was unsuccessful. I remember being pinned against a washer/dryer before I ended up on the floor with him on top of me pulling my pants off of me. Somewhere halfway through, the elderly gentleman that my friends boyfriend shares the house with, managed to come down the stairs and I heard him very faintly saying something. He suddenly was knelt down beside me and was trying to get me to give him oral sex. I was turning my head and trying to push away from him and I remember saying "NO" out loud at least once. My right arm was pinned between me and my friends boyfriends leg and my left arm was between the elderly gentleman's legs so, I really had a hard time getting up. It was over pretty quickly and I wasn't even too upset afterward cause I think I blacked out. I got up, put my pants back on and went upstairs and woke my friend up and made her walk me home. I never said anything to her that night because she was way too wasted to think. I never even said anything to my husband when I got home or even the next day. In fact, it wasn't until a few weeks later when the neighbors started a public lynching of me to my husband about a previous affair I had been having, that the subject of the rape even came up. My husband questioned me about it because I was yelling at one of the guys who raped me (my now ex-friends boyfriend) over something he said and I yelled back "No, I didn't want it" and that statement put some confusion in my husband's mind. Well, it took several weeks after that day (November 1, 2006) for the rape story to fully come out. We tried reporting it about a week ago but, the cops said that since I had waited.
6 weeks to report it, there was no evidence left and while my husband and I had each been talking to both cops, the cop that I was being questioned by, seemed to think I was lying to cover up another affair. I said it wasn't anything like that but, it was no use. We couldn't file formal charges so, unfortunately, these two men get to walk free. I have had 2 affairs since my husband and I have been together. We met in 1998 and got married since 2003. The latest one has been over for about a year. We are trying to put our marriage back together, not only for us, but for our two children as well. Thank you for listening to my story. I am still having nightmares about the events that have occurred and I still live in fear. I have many, if not all, of the signs of PTSD. I feel like there is no hope left and I also feel like I will never be able to get past it. I was able to get past the first one but, this is so much more different because the two men that did this to me both lived in my neighborhood. The one guy moved out and moved in with his girlfriend (my ex-friend) after the neighborhood's public humiliation of me. I still see him up at my kid's school every once in a while since all of our kids attend the same school.

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