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If you have a question that is not listed here, can you please PM the chat mods.

What is the chatroom?
The chatroom enables you to have contact with survivors in real time. Please note that at this time the chatroom is only open to survivors, and is not open to secondary survivors. The chat rooms are open 24/7 and are divided into a "Healing Chatroom" and a "General Chat Room".

How do I join the chatroom?
Click on the chat link at the top of the screen. If it doesn't automatically log you in, enter your board name and board password.
There are links underneath the log in if you need to download java. Remember you need to have requested access to the chat room from a Chatterator or Board Moderator first.

Can anyone use the chat rooms?
In order to use the chat room you must be a registered member of Pandy's for at least a week and have posted at least 10 times. You then need to email admin@pandys.org or post in the Help Desk or PM Kadie or Sasha to request access. When you request access you must confirm your responses to the six (6) points outlined in the chat guidelines.

Is the room moderated?
Moderators will be available in chat at many times throughout the day, on an ad hoc basis. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a moderator in the room 24/7. In an emergency situation arises in chat then you can PM any of the chat mods or board mods and they will try to come into chat asap - You can see which moderators are logged on by viewing the listing at the bottom of the main forum page. Alternatively, you can email admin@pandys.org or chat@pandys.org. Please only call mods into the room in an emergency.

Who are the moderators? What do they do?
The chat moderators are a group of survivors who work together to help keep the chat room a safe and supportive environment for all who use it. They are responsible for ensuring the guidelines are adhered to in the room, and also giving chatters support.

The Chat Mod team is:

  • Kadie (Chatterator)
  • Sasha (Chatterator)
  • hopeful2day
  • EmptyInside
  • future_truth
  • Snickerdoodle

Board mods can also act as chat moderators. They are:

  • Brittany
  • Patricia
  • Susan
  • Violet

While in chat, moderators' names appear bold, at the top of the user list with a red icon to the left of their names. The Chat Mods in training will appear in yellow. Everyone else will be in blue.

Can I email the chat mods with questions or concerns?
Yep! To reach all the chat mods, email us at chatmods@pandys.org. Otherwise, you can PM individual chat mods or board mods.

What constitutes an "emergency" in the chat room, and what should I do if one arises?
What constitutes an "emergency" in our chat rooms?
An emergency in chat, that warrants the immediate request for a moderator to come into chat, would include a person behaving in an abusive or harmful way toward themselves or toward other member(s), someone stating they are actively planning or thinking about suicide (or about harming someone else), someone going into detail about SI/SH techniques, someone acting in a very strange way (typing erratically or saying they are drunk etc.) or otherwise causing panic or disruption in a chat room. If you are in chat when an emergency arises, contact a chat mod or board mod and ask them to come to chat if they are available. Helpful details such as what is going on and what time it started to happen will be helpful, especially if a moderator is unable to get into the room at precisely the moment you PM or send an email.

Even during an emergency, each member's own self care is important.
Please look after yourself, step away if needed, and come back to chat when you feel ready again ready to interact with fellow survivors.

I'm new to chat and don't know the abbreviations used. How can I learn?
If anyone in chat uses an abbreviation which you aren't certain of then please ask them what it stands for. You can also look at the acronym tutorial here.

I'm having trouble getting into chat. What can I do?
If you are having trouble logging into chat then please follow these steps. If this does not help you, then please PM a Chatterator, Chat Mod, or Moderator.

When I try to log into chat, it says the server is down/unable to connect to server. What shall I do?
Please try again later. Server problems are entirely outside of our control.

Why can't I curse?
Curse words are often triggering to survivors, so we've disabled them to avoid upsetting people who come to chat.

I can't make smiley faces in the room sad.gif
Go to tools, security, customise. Scroll to the bottom of the list and look for scripting. Make sure the following are enabled: Active Scripting, scripting via java applets & allow paste operations via scripting.

I'm using a Mac, and chat won't work. What now?
Chat is not supported on Macintosh OS 8.x and below systems. Chat runs best on OS X when using MSIE, Netscape or Mozilla. When using OS 9 we recommend using MSIE only. Problems have been reported when using the Safari browser.

Why does the chatroom load, but it says I have an invalid password?
You must have requested access the chat room from a Chatterator or Board Moderator before the chat room will load. Please read more about this in the chat guidelines, including what the application process entails.

How do you make the green action writing?
You type /a and then the action you want. For example, to write "jumps" as an action you type "/a jump".

I would like to be a chat mod. How can I go about this?
Thank you for your offer of help, but at the current time we have all of the chat mods we need. However, from time to time, we do invite people to apply to become chat mods - and at that time you will be welcomed to apply.

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Contributed by Cadence :)


One of the many benefits of Pandy's is the opportunity for members to participate in moderated topic chats that focus on various aspects of healing. These topic chats provide a safe environment for members to talk about and explore ways to overcome obstacles that survivors often face. It has come to our attention recently that there seems to be some general confusion among members as to what topic chats are, how to access them, and what is expected of members during these chats. We would hate for members to miss out on the benefits of these chats due to some common misunderstandings. The following is an overview of what topic chats are, who can attend, how to access topic chat, and what is expected from members during a topic chat. If you have any further questions, please contact the chat mods or post your question under the chat forum.

What is Topic Chat?

Unlike regular chat, topic chat focuses on one main topic. Topics that have been covered in the past include: Dealing with Flashbacks, Self-Injury, Coping with Triggers, Newbie Chat, PTSD, Gynecological Exams, Challenging Negative Messages, and Disclosure. We also try to have some more light-hearted or general moderated chats too. Topic Chats typically last around an hour. There is always at least one chat moderator in attendance who helps to lead the chat and ensure that the chat stays on topic.

When is Topic Chat?

Topic Chats occur several times per month. Times vary due to differences in time zones. Topic chats are usually announced in the Chat Forum and Pandy's Calendar at the beginning of the month, and then on the banner at the top of the screen a few days before the chat as a reminder. Times for Topic Chats are usually listed under Eastern time or GMT time. You can find a Time Zone Converter here.

How do I access Topic Chat?

Enter the Main Chat room using the Chat button located near the top of the screen. At the right of the screen you will see a list of names, including yours. Below the Main Chat room you will see an icon for a second door, usually labeled Topic Chat. Click on this icon to enter the Topic Chat room.

Who can come to Topic Chat?

If you have an interest in the given topic and would like to participate, then you are welcome to come. Remember, you need to have posted at least 5 times in the forums to be able to access chat.

What is expected of members during Topic Chat?

The same rules apply to Topic Chat as for regular chat. In addition, since the chat is meant to focus on a specific topic, we ask that chatters stick to the given topic. If you decide you would like to chat about other things, you are welcome to continue to use the main chat room instead. We ask that members try to arrive on time and limit the amount of leaving and re-enterring the chat room to try to decrease distractions. It is very important that chatters listen to all members and that everyone who would like to participate is given the chance to do so. If you are interested in learning more about the topic, but hesitant to speak up during chat, that is ok too. We do not put members on the spot as we want to ensure that everyone remains comfortable. I'd like to stress that members don't need to be experts in the topic (some seem to feel they can't come b/c they don't know enough) b/c one reason for TC is to learn more about a given topic. If you would like to attend the chat but are nervous to do so (for whatever reason) you are more than welcome to PM a chat moderator before the chat to discuss your concerns.

I missed Topic Chat. Is there any way I can review what was discussed?

Depending on the chat topic, the chat mod with often post a recap of the chat in the Chat Forum. Chatters can also be assured that names are not used in this recap! Topics are often repeated so hopefully you will be able to attend the next chat on that topic.

I'd like to see a specific topic covered. How do I suggest a topic?

We welcome suggestions from members and would like to know what topics members are interested in discussing. Please post suggestions for future topics under Tell us what moderated chat topics you would like to see in the Chat Forum and we will take your request under consideration.

I have a question that isn't addressed here. Who do I contact?

You can contact any of the chat mods or post your questions under the Chat Forum.

The Chat Mods

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