Calling Chat Mods into the Chat Room.

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Please try to bear in mind that all of the chat mods are survivors like everyone else. Often then may come onto Pandys to just read/post/get support and that they do not always make the decision to come into chat. If there is an emergency in chat then please continue to PM chat mods to come in to assist - but please refrain from asking chat mods to come into chat unless there is an emergency.

We define an emergency as:

- A troll / flamer in the chat room.

- Someone in severe crisis (i.e. actively self-harming in the room, threatening suicide, being attacked whilst in the room).

** Please remember that this emergency must be in the room rather than being in IM with someone. We have no responsibility over matters discussed outside of the chat room.

In an emergency situation, the chat mod will always try to come into the room. However, please do not expect chat mods to respond to PM's to come into chat for any other situation. This is not because we do not care, but because (like everyone else here) we have to put the time and effort into our own healing as well.

Thank you for understanding.

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