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Just a quick note so you know who to go to if you have a problem on the board.

If your problem is related to the board:
The fastest and easiest way to reach all the moderators is by posting on the Help Desk.

Alternatively, email all the moderators at This is another way to be sure your problem gets taken care of, because all the moderators (Brittany, Susan, Patricia, and Violet) get it at once. You can also PM or email any of the mods, but remember that this reaches just one of us. The group email address or help desk is the way to go.

Another (equally good option) is to post in the Questions and Comments forum.

If your problem is related to the chat room:
Post in the chat forum The chat mods can also be contacted at, for non-technical queries only. The Chat Mods are:

  • Sasha (Chatterator)
  • Kadie (Chatterator)
  • hopeful2day
  • EmptyInside
  • future_truth
  • Snickerdoodle

Just another quick note: The chat mods are in charge of the chat room and do a fabulous job. Because you chat with them, you likely know them well and trust them. They can help you with any chat-related problem. However, if your problem is related to the board please bring it to a Moderator. Moderators have full (and equal) access to the administration of the board.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, post or PM.

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