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Crisis lines and Counseling (Europe-wide)

Please bear with if some countries or descriptions aren't translated perfectly

Rape Crisis Network Europe

Belgium: Centra voor Geboorteregeling en seksuele opvoeding

Adressen von Frauenberatungsstellen

Addresses of womens counseling centers

Bosnia - VIVE ZENE

Bulgaria - "Animus Association" Foundation

Denmark: Landsorganisation af Kvindekrisecentre Denmark

Dänische Organisation von Kriseneinrichtungen für Frauen und Kinder mit landesweiten Adressen

Danish organisation of crisis centers for women and children, nationwide directory of addresses

England - Child & Woman Abuse Studies Unit, London Metropolitan University

England - South Essex Rape & Incest Crisis Centre

Estonia - NPO Women's Shelter

Finland: Rape Crisis Centre Tukinainen,

Zentrum für vergewaltigte Frauen in Helsinki

Center for rape victims in Helsinki

France: SOS-Femmes France

Adressen von Frauennotrufen und Beratungsstellen in Frankreich sowie verschiedene Angebote und Infos

Addresses of crisis lines and rape crisis centers in France as well as different offers and infos

Greece - Research and Support Centre for Victims of Maltreatment and Social Exclusion (CVME)

Great Britain: Rape Crisis Federation Wales & England

Netzwerk der Frauennotrufe in England und Wales mit Adressen und Infos

Network of crisis lines for women in England and Wales with addresses and infos

Ireland: The National Network of Rape Crisis Centres Ireland

Netzwerk irischer Frauennotrufe mit Adressen und Infos

Network of Irish crisis lines with addresses and infos

Iceland - Stigamot. Information and support center for survivors of sexual abuse.

Italy - Associazione Nazionale Telefono Rosa

Italy: I Luoghi della donne

Sammlung von Frauenhausadressen und Notruftelefonen in Italien

Collection of Italian shelters and crisis lines

Button: Indice Tipologico

Macedonia - Union of Women's Organization of Republic of Macedonia

Netherlands: Hulppagina Seksueel Geweld Niederlande

Infos und Adressen von Frauenberatungsstellen in den Niederlanden

Dutch counseling centers

Austria: Austrian Women's Shelter Network

Austria: Österreichisches Frauennetzwerk

Austrian women's network

Österreich: Adressen von Frauennotrufen, Frauenhäusern, Frauenberatungsstellen u.a.

Austrian crisis lines, shelters, crisis centers

Austria: Verein autonome Frauenhäuser

Association of shelters

Poland - Women's Rights Center (Centrum Praw Kobiet)

Rumania - Association of Women Against Violence

Russia: Open Women Line

Liste und Links verschiedener Frauenprojekte in Russland

Links to various women's projects in Russia

Switzerland: Frauennotrufe und -beratungsstellen Schweiz

Beratungsstellen für Frauen und Mädchen bei sexualisierter Gewalt in der Schweiz

Rape crisis counseling for women and girls who have been victims of sexual assault

Switzerland - Viol- Secours

Scotland: Rape Crisis Scotland

Netzwerk der Frauennotrufe in Schottland, Adressen und Infos

Network of Scottish crisis lines, adresses and infos

Sweden - Stödcentrum BEDA/Support Centre BEDA

Slovenia - Association SOS Helpline for women and children - victims of violence

Spain: Federación de Associaciones de mujeres separadas y divorciadas

Frauenberatungsstellen und Frauenhäuser in Spanien

Counseling and shelters in Spain


Tchech Republic - Élektra -Support Centter For Child Sexual Abuse Woman Survivors

Turkey - kadin2000 Kadinin Insan Haklari Bilgi Belge Merkezi /

women2000 Women's Human Rights Information&Documentation Center

Hungary - NANE Women's Rights Association

Wales (U.K.) - Rape Crisis Federation

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I have a collection of international directories here:

International rape crisis directories

Some basic hotlines:

Rape Crisis

* Rape Crisis 1.800.656.HOPE (4673)

* Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre (RASASC) -

Helpline 020 8683 3300 / Counselling 020 8683 3311

* Victim Support 0845 30 30 900


Self Injury

* Self Injury 1.800.DON'T.CUT (366-8288)

* Bristol Crisis Service for Women + 44 (0) 117 925 1119



* Suicide Hotline 1.800.SUICIDE (784.2433)

* The Samaritans 0345 90 90 90


Domestic Violence

* Domestic Violence 1.800.799.SAFE (7233)

* Lifeline 01262 469 085

* Women's Aid Federation 08457 023 048



* Gay & Lesbian 1.888.THE.GLNH (843.4564)

* LGBT Domestic Violence 07812 644 914

some basic directories:


International hotlines from RAINN

A world wide directory of International abuse and crisis help lines.

Very comprehensive. from HHP

Rape Crisis Centers by State from Broken Spirits

Find rape crisis centers near you by state.

This section is linked to an online support message board.

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