Anyone want to discuss our feelings after watching "Allen v. Farrow"?

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I just watched episode 1 of "Allen v. Farrow," about the loving family Mia Farrow and Woody Allen created, and how they are now needing to process their feelings concerning Woody's crossing of sexual and emotional boundaries with at least two of the girls/young women in the family.  Many feelings were stirred in me as I watched the episode - I have survived emotional incest in my family of origin, and unwanted sexual behavior from a Buddhist teacher and from a Yoga teacher.  I would just love to discuss all of these issues with other survivors.  Is anyone interested?

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I haven’t decided if I will watch it or not. I generally am okay watching the news and seeing stories about abuse, but sometimes it can feel more triggering when it is a documentary and you have a lot more details. If I do watch, I will check back in on this thread.

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I watched it. I went through emotional incest by the hands of my bio dad who then went on to grope me and harass me sexually as a teen. Whats most troubling to me is seeing peoples comments of facebook defending a molestor when the evidence is in plain sight. 

Its sinister, the world we live in, that people dont believe abuse occurred, and yet we as survivors have to live with a lot of pain. When I see a comment stating that there is no evidence, i feel so much rage because what about all of us who've been abused, manipulated and isolated as kids? what proof should we have other than our pain?

People dont understand consent, they dont understand rape and Im livid.




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Same here.

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