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Sexual Assauilt Referral Centre

Subiaco WA

24 hr Crisis Cre

1800 199 888

Port Hedland Sexual Referral Centre

08 9173 3337

Eastern Goldfield Sexual Assault Referral Centre

Kalgoorlie WA

24 hrs

08 9091 1922

Domestic Violence Crisis Care

24 hrs

1800 199 008

WA Group for those abused by Christian Brothers

09 9421 1034

Incest Survivors Association -

08 9227 8745

Princess Margaret Hospital, Subiaco -

08 9340 8222

Sexual Assault Resource Centre -

1800 199 888

Womens Health Care House, Northbridge -

08 9227 8122

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Sexual Assault Resource Centre

Western Australia

Telephone: (08) 9340 1828

(08) 9340 1828 (crisis line)

Rural Freecall: 1800 199 888

Email: Kemh.sarc@health.wa.gov.au

Advocate for Survivors of Child Abuse - 1300 657 380

Child Abuse Prevention Services - 1800 688 009

Child Sexual Abuse Service (Princess Marg Hosp) - 08 9340 8222

Domestic Violence - 08 9223 1111

Family Court Counselling Service - 08 9224 8248 or 1800 199 228

(Dispute resolution services for families at time of separation)

Kids Helpline - 1800 551 800

Lifeline - 13 11 14

Men's Domestic Violence Helpline - 08 9223 1199 or 1800 000 599

Salvo Care Line - 08 9227 8655

Sexual Assault Resource Centre - 08 9340 1828 or 1800 199 888

Victims of Crime - 08 9356 0524

Women's Refuge Group WA - 08 9420 7264

Allambee Counselling Services - (08) 9535 8263

Kalgoorlie SARC - (08) 9091 1922

Acacia Support Centre - (08) 9172 5022

Waratah Women's Support Centre - (08) 9791 2884

Kimberley Sexual Assault Information Service - (08) 9192 5114

Geraldton SARC - (08) 9964 1853

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The Sexual Assault referral center provides free counselling in Subiaco - 10 sessions free. Also free sexual assault/sexual abuse groups run throughout the year

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Another good link is the Local Information Network for Community Services. This covers, Sydney, the ACT and Perth. Go to:


click on your local council (or the nearest one) and you can search for all kinds of community services, including for sexual assualt, child sexual assualt, domestic violence, mental health, etc. Results will be displayed in order of closest to your council.

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I'm from WA and just recently I called around for group therapy sessions for rape survivors/victims, i was on the phone for 4 hrs and called every listing i could find + the ones that were given to me by the groups I called only to find out that there are currently no group therapy groups for adult rape survivors in WA unless you are victim of incest or priest abuse.

SARC were the first place I called and they were the only ones that HAD a group therapy however that is currently suspended indefinitely due to there operations being under review.

Though not offering a group there is a new organisation called Reclaiming Voices (0404 333 409 or reclaimingvoiceswa@aapt.net.au) whom run workshops and are looking at setting up group therapy etc that were one of the most helpful and understanding of everyone I called, they are also looking at lobbying for further funding and resources. Reclaiming Voices is run by volunteers so if you have something you want to contribute then get in contact with them :)

I found the fact that there are no group therapy/support groups out there for stranger and non-stranger adult rape quite disturbing, I was calling on be-half of a friend of mine and just couldn't imagine what she would have been feeling had it been she that was calling round, it was pretty dis-heartening for me to have to go back to her with the news that there wasn't anything around but hopefully that will change in the future.

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For survivors of SA and DV in the southwest, Waratah Support Centre is a good place.

Waratah is a free, confidential and professional counselling service for people who have experienced sexual assault / abuse or Domestic Violence.

This service is located in Bunbury and services the Southwest region.

waratah's website contact details including phone numbers are also there

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Ruah Community Services

Ruah Refuge works with women and children who are escaping a situation of family/domestic violence and homelessness.

Ruah Refuge provides crisis housing and case management support to meet crisis needs whilst helping women and children to build links to other services and to increase overall quality of life.

Phone: 08 9227 6616

Fax: 08 9227 1994

Postal Address: PO Box 228, Mount Lawley 6929

Email: taniaseath@ruah.com.au

Getting By... Getting Ahead A guide to concessions and other ways of keeping costs down in the Perth and South-East Metro Areas

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Tuart Place - A support group for Western Australians who were in "out of home care" during childhood (e.g. institutions, orphanages, foster care, state wards, child migrants, etc) and who suffered neglect and abuse, including sexual abuse.

Phone: (08) 6140 2380

Freecall: 1800 619 795

email: admin@tuartplace.org

24 High Street, Fremantle

Western Australia

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