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I'm posting this for another member. One of her alters has asked for a Rose emoticon, for sadness not romance. I'm including one below, you will need to click on the thumbnail to see the actual size. It may still be too big for the site; if so just let me know and I'll see about reducing it.

If this is something that can be added it would be greatly appreciated.

This was the request:

I want a rose!!! Would you ask them to add a rose please. People need roses when they're sad. You can send them a copy of this and tell them who I am.


a simple rose bud on a stem, not open and silly like the daisy. It represents caring about someone when there aren't word to say it. You could make a whole lot of people fell that if it was here. Wouldn't you like one sometimes???

I think she's right. I think it would be greatly appreciated here. They even use them at funerals.

They represent deep sorrow that can't be spoken to.

If you want to ask them and quote 'us' it's OK with me.


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Hi Sam_guy,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Unfortunately, the rose is still too large. We'd like to point out that you can add almost any picture if it is hosted on another site like photobucket. I hope this helps. Thanks again for your suggestion.

Take care,


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Thanks for the consideration. I've tried the photobucket site and believe I can work something out; so thanks also for the suggestion.


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