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We wanted to take the chance to introduce our various staff members so that all of you on the board can get to know them a little better. We understand that it can be difficult to see our members on staff as survivors and regular people, just like everyone else here, so here is a little peek into their lives.

This week, meet Coolio,, who are all part of our chat modding team!


Hi, I'm Coolio, and I first joined pandy's in July 2008. I was sexually abused by my father from the age of 5 until I ran away at 16... I had gone through a process of dealing with that to a large extent, but the end of my marriage, my daughter approaching the age of 5, and a new relationship triggered a whole new level of having to deal with my childhood, and I reached out for support at Pandy's, and found an amazing space full of amazing and inspiring people.

I remember thinking that I would never be brave enough to write something for 'my story' – or even read it! But with the help and support of others I'm making really good progress. As a child I was severely SI-ing and anorexic, and I feel that the support of Pandy's has really helped me to not revert to these coping mechanisms.

I like to listen to people in the chat room, but can occasionally descend into silliness too! I'm a cmit, (chat mod in training) and have no other roles on the board.

I live in the UK in a housing co-op, which is an amazing old manor house, with (currently) 2 adults and 6 children – it's been very cold, but now that it's no longer snowing we're not quite so frozen!

I work in several different workers co-ops - I'm a book-keeper mainly, but I also am part of a big community supported agriculture project, which is very amazing, and time consuming

I don't really get much spare time – and any i do tends to be spent gossiping and drinking tea with my friends, growing fruit and veg, making jams & chutney's, and taking part in environmental activism Cos of my environmental convictions, despite the fact that I'm a single mother of 3 that lives 6 miles from the nearest shop, I don't have a car!

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