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Access to chat is only granted by request. Before you are eligible to request access to the chat room, you must have been a registered member for at least one week AND made a minimum of ten posts on the board (please note that blog posts do not count towards your total post count). The chat room is only open to survivors. You must submit your responses to the following points to a board moderator or chatterator in order gain access to the chat room:

If you wish to request access to the chat room, please be aware that you should contact a board moderator or chatterator via PM or the help desk. This message must confirm your agreement to each of the following six (6) points:

1) The date that you joined Pandy's.

2) The number of posts you have made.

3) That you have read and understood the chat room guidelines.

4) That you agree not to use the chat PM system unless its to talk directly to a chat moderator.

5) That you will remain respectful of all members and Pandy's staff members.

6. That you agree not to enter the chat room whilst you are "in crisis" which we define as being actively suicidal, actively self-harming or threatening to self-harm, in need of medical attention, or in need of police assistance.

Please be aware that only upon receipt of this information will we be able to process your request.

New Chat Room Guidelines

1) Be welcoming, respectful and courteous to ALL chatters at all times. This includes the Chat mods who like the rest of our all volunteer staff are survivors too! There are no exceptions!

2) Ensure that discussions are appropriate for a survivor chat room and that healing topics always come first. Discussions which are very graphic, overtly political or religious, or which are inflammatory or controversial in nature, are not appropriate for the chat room. Offensive terms and profanity (including bypassing of the profanity filter) are not acceptable

3) Ensure that you are in an appropriate state to act responsibly while in the chat room. It is not permissible to be in the chat room if you are "in crisis" - which we define as being actively suicidal, self-harming or threatening to self-harm, having a flashback, intoxicated by alcohol / drugs or in need of emergency assistance. For members with DID, only the host is permitted to talk.

4) Do NOT use the chat PM system except to communicate directly with a Chat Moderator.

5) Help to keep yourself and other chatters safe. Do not give out full names / contact details / email addresses / IM names / etc - and do not talk about members not present (even if their name is not mentioned). Report guideline breeches, in confidence, by emailing chatmods@pandys.org. Only in an emergency situation (i.e. someone being actively suicidal or a troll entering room) should a Chat Mod be called into the room.

6) Please note that the guidelines for specific forums also apply to the chat room. For example, if you are wanting to discuss SI or an eating disorder, please see the respective forums.

We want the chat room to be a safe and supportive place - and we can only achieve this with the co-operation, effort and vigilance of everyone who uses the chat room. Using the chat room is a privilege that is afforded only to members who are consistently respectful and take the responsibility of adhering to the chat room guidelines seriously. If we feel that a member is not acting respectfully or responsibly when in the chat room or while in communication with the chat mod team, then chatting privileges will be withdrawn.

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