Anybody else have weird triggers?


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*the news and how every night there seems to be 1-3 stories of SA or rape and represent it in a way like assailants automatically go to jail.

*ignorant people

*judicial system on any level... cops, lawyers, judges, etc.

*people that don't get it.

*people that say stupid sh*t

*my high school reunion this weekend (not going)

*not sleeping anymore

that's all for now


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Hey everyone, new here... :)

Well, regular ones like mention of sexual violence of any kind, young girls (esp with adult males), mention of my grandfather (abuser) or grandfathers in general, but also some wierd or semi-wierd ones:

Beer breath

Closed shower curtains

Opaque shower curtains in general, esp. if I'm in the shower

Light around the bottom of a door if I'm in a dark room

Half-open doors

Uncovered windows at night

Ticking clocks

Brown lazyboy chairs


Lying in bed with no underwear on

Having no underwear on in general

Other people mentioned the hand holding wrists together thing

Being alone in a house


Scary movies, esp. ones with nudity, sex or shower murder scenes

The word "panties"

The word "virgin", or anything which suggests it (words like "tight")

I think that's it for now....

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  • Rape scenes in movies
  • Red wine, the sight of it and the smell of it, mostly the smell
  • the word rape triggers me terrible....I deal with it though
  • guys talking about sex, especially guys that think they are clever by talking about their sexual encounters in horrible vile detail
  • boys magazines
  • Guys talking about girls that are well fit in a "oh i'd do her way"
  • Recieving oral..:-(
  • His name...even when talking about somebody with the same name
  • weird Al was his fave music
  • Orgasms If Im not 100% comftable
  • Not being hugged for a long period of time after sexual incounters
  • the word dirty
  • when people use rape out of context
  • Being home alone

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One that continues to annoy me, with no explanation to date: The sound of loud, sharp knocking on a door, but almost exclusively if the knocking sound is coming from the speakers on a TV or a radio.

If the sound is caused by someone's actually knocking on my front door, it usually doesn't bother me much---or at all. Now that there is surround sound on most TVs, it's gotten worse--because it sounds more 'real' to me (yet, as mentioned, real knocking isn't very triggersome).



"We can get there from here."

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Heavy Hearted

The saying "awwwwww.....muffin"...that just sends me into a spin...

Having someone jumping on my bed, while I'm sleeping...(friend did that, first thing I saw, her face 2 inches from mine, took all I had not to scream)

Having someone say "I know how i feel" a way that you know they don't....(not when you guys say it on here)

"him"(need I say more?) is becoming a REALLY BAD trigger lately..*sigh*

The kitchen table I'm sitting at with my lap top (its the table "he" brought into my house months ago, and my mom took it)but I"m still sitting here....I refuse to let "him" win...

and most of all....

My bed....I can't stand to be in it some nights...its just to much to remember what took place in it just over 2 months ago...

I hate triggers...I hate how they make me feel...*sigh*


P.S> I have LOTS of triggers, but some just talking about them trigger I won't put the whole list.

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hi I have lots of triggers,

main ones:

violence/rape/attacks depicted in tv/films on children and women.

Having someone, even my partner, suprising me by coming up behind me to hug me.

Anyone mock slapping me on the head or shoulder area, or any part of my upper torso.

Strangers coming up to me asking for things like a lift or money...I think they want to attack/rape me.


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*the word, the "r" word


*men in black shirts


*public schools, public libraries, water fountains in banks (?)

*young girls playing and laughing

*various names

*being too hot, cold, tired, or hungry

*bible paper

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~My bedroom door opening, especially if I'm asleep

~A certain nickname that my abuser called me

~Light coming in through a cracked door at night

~cats/people sitting/jumping on my bed while I'm asleep

~jokes about r*pe

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I've never even wirtten down my triggers.

Sharp steps down hard wood floor corridors.

Anyone I don't trust asking me to join them to any secluded spot. I sometimes dissassociate.

Women hitting on me. Damnit!! So much into that one. I dissassociate there too. Definitly if I really like her.

Driving in cars with strangers.

I can't remember any smells that trigger though. But I think I've had some that froze me.

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Here are some of many of mine:

White dogs

Combovers or slicked back thinning hair on older men

Middle-aged-senior caucasian men

Snow forts

Snowball fights


Squiggly pens

Being videotaped

Graduation photos of strangers

Rum balls

Greenhouse tomatoes

Any mention of age 9 or grade 4

Arizona Jean Company clothing

Portable battery-operated radio

The woods in front of my house

Strangers touching me

Strange men talking to me

Older ladies with perms



Homemade jam

The term "root cellar"

His name and the names of his family members

Bed and Breakfasts

The Catholic Church

Canada Day

Dark purplish/brownish Mini vans

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Some of mine are:

the sound of a belt buckle

the dateline "online perps" show

oral sex

objectivecation (sp?)

stories of "honor" men having sex with drunk women

Asians (sorry)

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The song, "date rape" by Sublime.

The 'smell' of sex.

Curve cologne.


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Guest Simplybeeme86


certain body lotion

bathrooms at airports

being alone with men, even if they're my friends

being touched if I dont expect it...if you come up behind me

certain words/phrases

definitely, belt buckles...zippers...the noise makes my blood freeze

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I can't believe I forgot my ULTIMATE trigger -- the jingling of a dog leash/dog collar. Wherever I am, no matter what I'm doing, when I hear that sound everything stops - to me it's the most terrifying sound in the whole world.

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my major ones are...

-Swiss army pocket knives

-Duct Tape.. the sound it makes...

-Janitor closets

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-middle-aged white men

-men with combovers

-men with beards

-men with potbellies

-being touched on the back of my head/neck

-being on buses

-being in a car with a man

-people fighting (verbally)

-children with men

-people opening the door to my room

probably more...

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I don't get triggered easily, but this next thing sometimes catches me by surprise and I have no idea why.

Drinking water out of a glass (don't get it with plastic cups) at somebody else's house.

The thread asked for weird triggers!

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male eye contact



no covers on the bed

black undies

blue male eyes...........YET I LOVE THEM

jazz music

strong guys

fraternity houses

fraterniy letters

beer cans that i have nightmares and trouble sleeping

guys with glasses

cockiness in guys

raspberry smell


futons on the floor

halter tops

Save Ferris music

Aquabats music


little step stools


unlocked doors

butterfly quilts

my college

my former college town, IV

male liars

guys who manipulate and try to control me


aggressive guys

wow what a big list, i never thought of all those before!!!!

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rum and coke, or any other liquor and coke

fraternity houses

new years

music, television, or discussion about rape or sexual assault

being touched in a certain way, especially if i am not fully awake

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The "usual":

* Men playing with children (male or female) - wrestling, etc.

* Male doctors. (I mean having an appointment with one.)

The weird one:

* Dental work - especially having x-rays taken. More generally, having non-food items in my mouth. I'm freaked about choking/not being able to breath.

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