Anybody else have weird triggers?


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i'll list a few i can think of off hand

ra*e scences in movies/television

pontiac bonneville car


fields (like abandoned corn fields) if you read my story that makes sense

trains i can hear but not see also if you read my story you'd get it

some hip hop music

baggy pants and shirt on guys

backwards hats on guys

thats it for now

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I've worked on so many of my triggers. Maybe I need some more trauma processing, because new triggers just come out of nowhere sometimes.

I was at a yoga class recently and we did a move where we had our wrists pressed together--BIG TRIGGER! Had to leave the class and ground myself.

Another trigger I would not have guessed, when my little boy innocently plugged my nose goofing around.

One that I hate that I still haven't worked on is the feel (or sound) of the satin trim of a blanket.

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The smell of alcohol.

R*pe scenes on tv and in movies.

Joking about rape.

'Gangsta rap' and any sexually graphic songs.

Jokes about women being inferior.

I dont know how to discribe this other then 'to much testosterone in the room/air/atmosphere'.

My cat cleaning her private parts near me or where I can see her. *shudder*

The news.

Sometimes Pandy's. :(

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- the smell of Head & Shoulders shampoo

- wet hair

- the smell of BudLight beer

- being alone with two men

- crocheted blankets

- having my facial cheeks pinched

- men's pajama pants

- being scratched

- being physically overpowered

- being held down

- crying in front of people

- singing in front of people

- giving oral sex

- hearing anyone with the same first name

- the 'r' word

- starting a new sexual relationship

- sleeping on a couch

wow who knew there were so many?

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another one i didnot think about until i saw someone else had said it but usein the word ra*e in the wrong context example " we got rap*d in that game" i beleive thats close to what the other person who had posted said, it drives me nuts makes me feel like being made fun of or something you know

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another one i didnot think about until i saw someone else had said it but usein the word ra*e in the wrong context example " we got rap*d in that game" i beleive thats close to what the other person who had posted said, it drives me nuts makes me feel like being made fun of or something you know

That is another one of mine too! I HATE HATE HATE that! It's awful. I've heard it also in the context of referring to something cool as in, "That just totally rapes" when they mean "that's just totally cool." ON WHAT PLANET could rape be equated with COOL?!?! Oh yeah. This one. :angry::down::tear:

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Weird Triggers?? Hmmmm Well, I guess mine would be plain m&m's and those little dixie cups people hang in their bathrooms.

Now to me that is a weird trigger. lol Much love, Frances

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Guest Aylin

hey some of my triggers are

*Gardens like the public kind with bushes and barkmalch

*Stair cases

*The sex position doggy style

*any wierd noise when I'm alone in my house

*anybody who grabs my right arm and guides me somewhere

*french language

*anyone but me un zipping my jacket

*30-40 year old east indian men with short hair and a bit on the large side

*anyone with a heavy Punjabi accent (though i'm getting used to it because i work with a lot of people who speak Punjabi

oddly enough unless it's really graphic i don't have a problem with rape scenes in movies and on tv, unless the girl is a traveller in a forgien country

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  • 2 weeks later...

i dont know if mine are weird

-seeing BJ Penn or even hearing him talk...i swear he looks just like him

-smelling certain alcohols

-jamaican rum

-the smell of a cig when u accidentally light the wrong end

-short, stocky pacific islander men

-certain accents...

-guys flirting with me

-the movie motorcycle diaries...although i've never seen it and want to see it

-the names "victor" "carlotta" or any mention of hurricane rita

-my birthday (crappy huh?)

-white trucks

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Hmm... strange triggers. I have the usual consort that everybody has but some of the weirder ones (or the ones that annoy me the most) are:

I get triggered at certain time of day. Almost every day at about 2ish, if I'm not doing something to occupy myself I will get triggered simply because it's 2pm. I know it's related to the time when my abuse would occur but it's still strange! :) I also get triggered by the brightness of daylight, anything that resembles the kind of light that would be around at 2pm triggers me, and also the way in which light shines through a window. There's a certain way that reminds me of how it was when I was abused and it always triggers me.

I am also triggered by little girls. They make me think about how I looked when I was their age and what people did to me.

I am triggered by the sounds people make with their mouths when they are chewing food, especially with their mouth open.

I am triggered by brushing my teeth and when people are in the room at the same time or are watching me. I have to lock the bathroom door when I do it! I brush twice a day so it's pretty frustrating.


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Not sure that I have unsually weird triggers, but here are some anyways:

-any music by slaughter, aerosmith etc.


-jeans (denim) (although I have forced myself to wear them)

-sunglasses (I do not wear them)

-kissing on the neck

-touching of the neck or chin


-the smell of hamburger helper

-light houses

-bre*sts get hard (nipples) (happens when you get cold usually)

-the smell of alcohol on a guys breath

-dove soap


there are many others but these are the major ones that stand out right now!

The sad thing is I have to deal with many of these on a daily basis since I am married and have 2 kids.


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I did my best to read most but I found my own triggers creeping up on me.. heres some of mine

Fat men

Old men (over 50) - stupid really my boyfriends 47

Hairy big hands

Beards/facial hair - men who look like pavarotti


penises but only when soft


my face being wet

people kissing the sides or back of my neck i freak and just want to run

being held/tied down

brushing my teeth - i did this right after an oral r*pe

being licked/slobbery kisses

being called 'slut'

Being in the car with my boyfriend

Little girls - my r*pist had me watch child p*rn

the smell of semen/sweat

my breasts being touched

my anus being touched

oral s*x

having anything put in my mouth

women called Julia men called Lez or Brian or Barry or Martin or David of John-Joe

any talk of puberty in boys - i dont recall what happened but it was SOMETHING involving a boy this age

talk of me having a son - because of the above trigger

any r*pe scenes in movies, any movies where theres an older man and a younger girl alone i worry what he will do

Anyone waying the word r*pe, abuse, child abuse etc.

bloomin heck I have a lot

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I walked into the living room and put on the TV, the new Nike commercial (in the uk) I got triggered, I also just remember trucks, truck drivers especially EST big purple trucks as I was r*ped in one of them.

I think the list is endless iv never realised there were so many before, and upon thinking about it Newcastle's Theatre Royal as I was r*ped in the truck behind here.

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My triggers are:

-Hard Rock T-shirts

-Folder Clips

-Super 8 Motels


-Any movie regarding a hero that kills the man who attacked the woman he loves

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Thought of some but I'm not sure how weird they are:

That one certain word (Bitch)

Someone touching my neck

Touching or tickling my feet

Being held down

Being scared (like somone jumping out at you and saying BOO)

Men who are drunk or even drinking at all unless I am really really comfortable with them

Oral sex or having anything in my mouth (like French kissing- sometimes)

When my phone rings at home and especially when people don't leave a message

Saying I love you to somone

Being woken up by somone

Not knowing exactly where my clothes/jacket or shoes are (so I can escape if I have to)

Any mention at all of anal sex

Kissing someone who smokes

Cant think of any more at the moment

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I'm still finding out I have more then I thought.

*light passing under doors

*the sound of footsteps on hard flooring

*not being able to get out(of a corner)

*oral sex

* being told you like that

*being told all I'm good for is ...

*anal SEX

* men's rough voices

* speaking about it

*someone else in the bathroom with me

*Wearing dresses/skirts

*certain men(even the mention of their names)

*my ex-husband(for him to even be in the same house)

*someone breathing in my face,on my neck, downthere

*slang terms for down there male / female

*the sound of slaps or fists on flesh

*people yelling/screaming

I think there's more but thats all I can handle for now :tear:

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Here are some more that I have felt more comfortable to share:



















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old spice cologne

being touched in my sleep

the dark

the quiet

white conversion vans

any mention of the fire department or navy

the word kitty

people in my space, too close

public restrooms or changing rooms...I feel vulnerable and like I am being watched, which is something he would do

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  • 1 month later...

My pants that I wore that night

French Kissing

When I'm driving through that town or near the house

Any Sublime song (Which I find upsetting because they are (were?) my favorite band

The song Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry

Seeing people "grind" on each other

anyone joking about being "butt fucked"

The weirdest one though is a pirate flag

That is all I know of right now

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ohhhhh another 2 i have is aerosmiths song "dream on" and eminems song "sing for the moment" don't get me started on those two i actually have made myself listen to both of those songs on numerous occaions can't watch the video sing for the moment another song is thank you by dido only the first part triggers me cause she sings the same versus in a song called stan but that song doesnot trigger me

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Guest zasspa

Bare feet

Chest hair

Anything to do with Geelong footy team

Authority figures of any description

Anything that insinuates that I am a woman - ie. dressing up, makeup, physical features

People calling me a woman

Parents kissing their children (even very young ones) on the lips

Mini skirts - especially when the person also has barefeet/open shoes

People walking in when Im sleeping


People seeing me sleep

People saying to me 'hey stranger'


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-R*pe scenes in film/tv/books; and any scenes where the woman is being overpowered physically or verbally

-My husband drunk and trying to have s*x; Drunk men in general


-Polygamy, or open marriages (saw this on another list and realized it also is a trigger for me for some reason)

-Any degrading discussion about women (jokes, stories etc…)

-S*x; penetration


-Being surprised while sleeping, someone in room, etc… (husband was away for 2 weeks, & on the first night back I woke up in terror as I realized someone was in bed with me)

-Seeing their photos, hearing their names

-being blamed for something, thinking I’ve let someone down or offended

-not being perfect

-spring break

-my biannual cervical biopsies (most recent one this July had a male ‘observer’ – a med student who made it much worse)

-“it’s almost over”

-idea of s*x during menstruation

-men who smell of alcohol

-Men staring at my chest or other features; men hitting on me

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So far I've had a few triggers....

--Total darkness along with extreme heat...the room I was in when it happened was dark and unbearably hot

--S*x with my bf If he is in control...if I'm in control I'm fine

--ANY one touching me except my bf..makes my skin crawl

--Being alone driving in my truck...or anywhere for that matter...I am too scared to even go to the grocery store by myself...yet I'm ok with my kids with me

--Driving @night

--Driving into the town it happened in..just 15 miles away..ugh

--Going out to happened above a bar and I was drunk

--Someone coming up behind me and touching me...almost decked a guy the other night and he's a friend

--Drinking even one beer...I have given up drinking now..knowing it hinders my responses and knowing whats going on around me

--Talking at all to the *friends* I was with that night...I despise them right now

--Being touched while I am bf learned quick to say my name first..he was out of town for a week and my assault happened night 2 of him being gone

--Talking to the detective in charge of my case...he triggered me badly yesterday and I'm still fighting to get back my composure

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  • Like so many said: being touched in my sleep. I was attacked after dozing/blacking out while drunk. I woke up to him on top of me. I sleep very sound and have been known to swing if awakened the wrong way. I tell family/friends to say my name while standing AWAY from the bed vs. just touching or shaking me.
  • Anyone touching/grabbing my wrists
  • Sneaking up on me
  • People who are too familiar after just meeting me, especially men
  • Bars w/too many people (so you are bumped when walking) and drunk aggressive men
  • Being told "it was good" or that "I was good" in ref. to sexual activity
  • GYN appointments
  • Sometimes lying on my back looking up at the ceiling if I have to stay that way for a bit
  • Certain cologne smells
  • Complete darkness (can't see if anyone is sneaking up on me)
  • Feeling judged, even if over small stuff. Also feeling disrespected...I go from 0 to 100 in a second.
  • Public restrooms
  • Being told "I love you" by a man

Wow...too many. :(

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