Anybody else have weird triggers?

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The smell of Monster energy drinks mixed with mint gum.

Pillow being held over my face.

The sound of a doorknob moving (like someone trying to get in who I was not expecting)

Someone I am not familiar with touching me

being pressed up against the wall

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on my road trip, i got triggered everytime i saw a motorcycle.  ugh.  so i thought, ok, maybe i should do a posting about current triggers that im dealing with, and maybe others would like to record t

^ I tried to become as un-feminine as I could. I buzzed my hair off, wore unisex clothes and restricted my eating to look less curvy. So I can relate to being scared of looking conventionally attracti

The sound of a bath being filled. Doctors offices Male B.O. home videos Eskimo kisses. There is something very brave about sharing triggers. I have related to SO much of what


Ya i too get triggers every night. It makes me so sad and my mind in full of tension. Whole night my mind is somewhere else. So many boys want me to have pleasure for them. So many sexual harrassments with lots of pain

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Stinky old people smell

Cowboy boots on men, especially when they are fat and have short beards

Hair dryers

Not being able to change out of wet swimming clothes fast enough

Men holding toddler aged girls

Older preteen aged girls sitting on men's laps

Mean teachers

People making young children kiss someone

People kissing children directly on lips

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...TW... Circumcised penises

Rugby hoodies

Remembrance Day poppy badge

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chicken and knives( there was an extra chickeney-smelling platter of chicken out that night. trigger.gif:trigger: he pulled a knife off of it and threatened me with it).

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crowded places and men with moustaches both me too sue. my abuser had a moustache and crowded places just make me nervous so I get more upset about everything.

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I feel like my triggers are odd a few of mine are:

• Handcuffs

• Large Power Lines

• Strong Winds

• Can’t be pinned down or my wrists touched

• But my most bizarre trigger are satellite dishes

I panic and completely and freak out when I get within a few yards
of one… fear is so intense I have ripped my husband’s shirt trying to get away. My T thinks I have taken all my feelings that I felt a child and switched them on to an object such as a satellite dishes…the bigger the satellite dish the worse it becomes

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Unhappy: I struggle with being pinned down and having my wrists touched too! Just freaks me out.


* Father figures - males 65+ with domineering personalities

* smell of tobacco burning in a pipe

* wig pins

* having the back of my head touched -- hair cuts are tough

* pro-wrestlers

* sexually violent movies and any type of pornography

* spiked high heels

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I know it's a bit off topic, but I straight away thought of two triggers I fixed : 1) white socks 2) tea.

Once I worked out the socks were a school uniform thing they stopped bothering me. Also, I realised that my tea used to be spiked with tranquillizers.The sugar was used to cover the taste, but it never fully worked. So if I tried to drink any tea I could still 'taste' medicine, years after I had been free of my abusers. I had a lot of re-living/remembering stuff that had happened and many tears were shed, but after that I was okay.

After they stopped being triggers I had a few weeks were I walked around every day in white socks, drinking tea and being cheerful as anything because I'd won! thumbup.gif

I still can't be touched when I'm upset - I get enraged by it.

Old people sometimes freak me out - especially the eyes.

And having to go into Banks? !! very weird!

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Hello lissastar22,

It is amazing that you have been able to process your triggers and reclaimed them for yourself - you are amazing! :)

I am really glad that you have posted about having to go into banks I thought that one was just a quirk of my personality! The other day I had to wait 30 minutes in the bank - needless to say I was wreck leaving there! I am thankful that having to go in to a bank is rare for me, I love internet banking :P

Anyways! I think that you have done amazing!

Lucy x

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I can't stand mustaches at all. My abuser had one. When I was very young, my dad adopted a mustache of his own, and I went hysterical. Still don't like them.

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Anyone walking directly behind me

a child crying

the smell of ivory soap

anything around my wrists

hats, or anything on or near my head or face


the sound of metal clinking

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when i think of my triggers i sometimes think where do i start so here it goes

body hair

the smell of a old diesel cars

the smell of certain soaps

the way men smell as they get older

oldspice aftershave

having weight on top of me while i lie down

being cold

overcooked veggies

stubble rubbing against my skin


sex talk of any kind

seeing young girls with older men

being in crowded places

drunk men

the smell of certain drugs being burnt (the smell of this is quite close to some cleaning products its not that im still around them)

ford cars

toilet cubicles with tiles

being called by my full name

sleeping bags

feather filled duvets pillows

trailor tents

certain soaps on tv

thankfully ive worked out ways to avoid most of my triggers and im working on the rest with the aid of my ipod helping to drown out the world.

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Triggers, I swear I discover a new one every week but I guess that's too be expected when you can't remember much of your childhood mellow.png

  • Old men
  • Hands, especially older men's hands
  • People touching me at all
  • People behind me
  • Certain church songs
  • Being tickled - one of my biggest triggers
  • Night time in general
  • Darkness - especially having a light turned off when I'm not expecting it
  • Games (innocent ones) father's or uncles play with little girls
  • Attending my old church or going near his old house
  • Affection
  • Hearing his name
  • A certain kids camp
  • Caravans
  • Certain Christmas cookies
  • A certain kind of car - the 'mini'
  • Any sound in the night
  • Being touched on my stomach
  • Not being able to see around corners or doors
  • Church elders
  • Lately certain types of windows?

I know there's more but can't think of any more right now

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Here's some of mine:

Dark places,

Approaching and/or departing footsteps


(my) hand supporting my face (feelings of being strangled)

Taking baths/showers

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Some of mine are:

anything around my neck

dark places

fire alarms, other harsh noises

public restrooms

pretty much any physical contact

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