Anybody else have weird triggers?

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on my road trip, i got triggered everytime i saw a motorcycle.  ugh.  so i thought, ok, maybe i should do a posting about current triggers that im dealing with, and maybe others would like to record t

^ I tried to become as un-feminine as I could. I buzzed my hair off, wore unisex clothes and restricted my eating to look less curvy. So I can relate to being scared of looking conventionally attracti

The sound of a bath being filled. Doctors offices Male B.O. home videos Eskimo kisses. There is something very brave about sharing triggers. I have related to SO much of what

This thread is a great idea. Just so happened this weekend two things majorly triggered me. Belts and tv/movies that have r*pe or AS in them



Being alone in a house at night


Bathtubs..i know its weird

Loud noises/startling noises



People touching me

Cold/hard surfaces especially against face



Being held down

Certain words, especially abuse, victim, SA, and r*pe


Thats all for now

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Boys shouting/fighting.

The indoor smell of some rooms.

Ballet music.

Quince bushes.

Empty buildings with wooden floors like community halls etc.

Facial hair esp moustaches.


Cold baths.



Watching people kiss.

Being touched unexpectedly (I even react when my kids do it, which I then feel horrible about).

Having my nipples touched.

Or sometimes, just being touched in any way.

Some fabrics (some cos of texture, some cos of pattern - I am esp not good with white material with blue flowers on it).

Some types of sunglasses.

People being too close to me.

Being locked in anywhere.

Being locked in a car is twice as bad.

Sleeping with someone else near me.

Someone standing behind me.

People watching me.

Not being able to see the exit, or not being able to see a clear path to it.

White rum.

Peach air freshener.

There are also some streets/buildings that I can't even walk past.

And probably too many sexually-linked ones to list here....

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i have so many triggers; these are the worst:

-not being able to breathe when i'm sick with a cold or flu

-being held down

-the sound of heavy breathing

-the sound of loud heavy coughing

-cigars, cigar smoke

-old white farmhouses, old red barns - wooden floors, hay bales, corn fields, just a big mess of farm triggers..



-old men with white hair

-people standing behind me

-feeling trapped in rooms or cars or crowds

-screaming or violent anger

-smell of beer and weed smoke


-Valentine's Day

-my birthday (the day after Valentine's Day)

-sexual related stuff

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a hand on my neck

my boyfriend raising his eyesbrows (like he wants to be naughty)

fat/large male hands

my pets grooming themselves, i dont know why but i absolutely hate the noise it makes.(may have nothing to do with it)

being in a large group of people, like a party where i know them.

i bet there are more but thats all for now

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Umm let's see...

Pasty skin

Sides of houses (like backyard)

Some kinds of acne scars (which sucks because I have some of those scars)

Certain types of cars

That name

Specific smell (wish I knew what it was…)

Feeling pinned down (like if someone is laying on top of me)

Anyone that really looks like him (which kinda goes with the pasty skin)

So not so bad. :)

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the thought of my boyfriend in my house/bedroom (we've only hung out at his place)

streets with certain architecture

the thought of being intimate in a bedroom (we're sticking to the couch for now)

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-the names of those who have hurt me

-my back being touched when I don't have a shirt on

-Bedrooms with a lot of things on the walls (posters, pictures, etc)

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Having somebody snap my bra straps.

People walking out of the room if we're having a serious conversation.

And ummm... having no hair "down there" or guys who talk about liking/wanting a girl to be shaved.

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To Jennifer: The movie that you talked about with Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Gwenyth Paltrow is called Se7en.

My triggers:

Not being able to write neatly

Loud noises

Forced/pinned down


People with his name

His relation to me (family)

Rape scenes in movies

Hands on my neck

Things tied around my neck

Hardwood floors

Yankees baseball team

People who think they know it all

People who judge and label


Talking about what happened

Reading about rape

Shower curtains

Grocery shopping

Large crowds

Eye contact



People who bully others

People who think they're God's greatest gift to mankind

Deep water

People who are in a position to help but choose not to

Rape jokes

People who take advantage of others


Being alone

Always looking for the exit and/or quickest way to get out of a building


White t-shirts (solid color or with designs)

Feeling helpless

There are more, but that's all I can think of for now.

I noticed a few mentioned the band Insane Clown Posse. I'd like to talk about them real quick.

I am a die-hard fan, aka Juggalo for life. I first started listening to the group at the age of thirteen. I'm almost thirty now. A lot of people hate their music because the level of violence. But that's not what all their music is, which goes for any other artist on Psychopathic Records. If it wasn't for ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, ABK, Dark Lotus, Esham, Natas, Tech N9ne, etc. (I'd like to add in Slipknot, Stone Sour, and Metallica to the list) I wouldn't be alive. Their music got me through the worst times and saved my life. There's a much deeper and positive message in and behind their music. You have to be in the world to know what it's all about. Being a Juggalo is who I am, with every breath I take until my dying day.


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Doctors. Hospitals. Hospital Gowns. Medical staff of any sort, particularly men. Every time i have to go the the ER or a doc it throws me off for days. Eastern medical practices are much better but still hard.

Exception: Planned Parenthood - I've always felt safe there. And good when I leave.

My son is two and he has yet to see a doctor. Ever. He was born with a midwife and room full of family, doula's, and friends a mile from the hospital.

Cops. I used to start shaking when I encountered cops. I'd shut down to the point where I couldn't communicate. Now I just feel sick and angry and it sets me on edge for a day or so.

Any mention of military schools.

boy's mountain bikes (kid sized) but only if they are black

Some extremely skinny women, particularly if they're blond, short haired, and sorta punk rock.

Black SUV's

Ticky Tacky Houses - particularly if they are all white.

White Gazebos

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Dentists. Brushing my teeth (sometimes, not all the time), mostly because I don't like the toothpaste in my makes me gag.

Yelling. Name calling. My husband has this really bad habit of trying to sound mean and macho to the pets when he's mad at them (usually after he's been working out) and I find that incredibly triggering.

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Okay, I just read the rules for triggering so I will add that to mine. This may trigger as some of mine are related to RA.

These are my triggers

Polo, Eternity and another cologne

"white" conditioner

white lotions

all of the houses where the abuse took place with all of the abusers

funeral homes

the color blue

the color orange

certain names

facial hair in all its forms - my ex tried them all but the worst was a full beard and the half moustache and goatee

when someone says "oral" or "anal" sex - triggers rage

seeing scantily clad people pop up on my computer when I don't want it and I don't

certain names that were called to me

the name of a certain flower



sometimes spiritual things

seeing or thinking of farm animals

men grouped together







chauvinistic men

throw up

dirty jokes

seeing pregnant women

Did I say facial hair? That's been a very big one. I didn't realize how big until lately but getting better. I particularly picked a therapist who looked a little similar to ex in order to work through my fears.

Therapist himself just because of his age (about when my ex left and the worst abuse happened and same height and facial hair and color of hair). Lot of projection going on lately.

Certain foods - bananas, zucchini, phallic shaped

There's more but that's all for now. They are weird enough to me.

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Peeling potatoes!

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birthdays :bawling:

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Pregnant women. The woman who did it was pregnant. She made me fear something that should be seen as beautiful. I'm getting better with this one over time. I no longer recoil as I once did, but I will experience varying levels of anxiety in their presence. I will quickly spot and focus on a pregnant woman in any given environment (room, mass transit, etc.) before I even know that is what is happening. I guess that is some form of mental self-defense.

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I'm a survivor, psychotherapist, and author. Proceeds of my first novel are donated to prevent child abuse in West Virginia, U.S. (It was published in Leeds.) Anyway, sometimes, even if the scene doesn't have the slightest thing to do with violence, even when it is laugh-out-loud funny, I get triggered, almost like I feel guilty for having gotten rid of my shame and anger. Weird, huh?

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Here are some of my triggers...I don't understand them all as my memories aren't very clear.

  • Songs from the 60s and 70s...particularly the song "Honey Honey, Sugar Sugar"
  • When my T (an older man) says my name
  • certain sexual acts that I cannot do
  • Gentle sex that involves caressing
  • Hearing certain words that pertain to being disciplined (i.e. sp-nk, nau--ty, b-d girl, etc.)
  • The tone of voice of an angry man
  • Seeing a naked female baby or toddler
  • Feeling like I am being watched
  • Kissing
  • hearing his name

I am sure there are more but these are at the top of my head. Thought I would share. Helps to read others`.

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Rap music. I wasn't expecting that to be a trigger and found out the hard way that it was.

yes, for me too.

certain songs specifically, or bands.

also talk of violence and terrorism.

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The video game Skyrim

Star Wars (or anything associated with it)

Breathing or being kissed on or around my neck (something I used to love... He ruined it for me... a**hole)

Sometimes being f**gered will REALLY trigger me

S*x in general is triggering although not as bad as it once was... It is weird, it is usually hard for me to have s*x or to "get started" but once we start it is tolerable but then at other times during the middle of it I will just FREAK out and like cry and start to shake or I will just "blank out" and go inside of myself. My response varies and I never know how I will react so it is hard for me to have it now because I never know how I will react and it is embarrassing. :cry:/>

Guys who look or sound a certain way (voice tone I mean)

Guys with a certain name.....


Domestic Violence

Mind control/abuse

I have to stop I am starting to trigger myself.... :scared:/>

Thanks for this thread by the way! ♥♥♥♥ :thumbsup:/>

Chantel ♥

Okay, well I now have more... I was r*ped again back in September of 2012 and all of the prior triggers were from December 2011 and before.

Anyway here's new triggers:

His name

The 'cabin' (where it took place)

Anything that reminds me of him (my dad is best friends with him. Still...)

The numbers 22 and 29. (They are dates.) 12/29/11 and 09/22/12...

Just, lately I have this 'feeling' of something in my head that needs to be known and I can almost sense it but it's not there. I KNOW that probably made no sense at all haha.

I don't know, there are others... I'll add more later.

Oh, belts sometimes and tickling sometimes. Just a lot of spontaneous and unpredictable things.

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I have a new one. I looked twice to the TV series Alcatraz, and both times some scenes were triggering, which caused me to have huge and horrible nightmares. Now hearing the TV presenter announce Alcatraz is enough to let me get an anxiety attack. Had one last night, and my little One was so anxious that she curled up in a corner, sobbing.

I get nightmares of prisoners of Alcatraz appearing randomly anywhere. :unsure:

And now, some kind of bald heads too.

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