Anybody else have weird triggers?

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anyone stroking, touching or playing with my hair

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on my road trip, i got triggered everytime i saw a motorcycle.  ugh.  so i thought, ok, maybe i should do a posting about current triggers that im dealing with, and maybe others would like to record t

^ I tried to become as un-feminine as I could. I buzzed my hair off, wore unisex clothes and restricted my eating to look less curvy. So I can relate to being scared of looking conventionally attracti

The sound of a bath being filled. Doctors offices Male B.O. home videos Eskimo kisses. There is something very brave about sharing triggers. I have related to SO much of what

I have a lot I'm realizing. And others are also appearing. Just all seem so strange because some are just words.

*Having my arms and hands restrained in any way. (docs tried this recently and I freaked out)

*Seatbelts, I feel trapped

*closed spaces in cars. (the 4rth of July, I rode to the fireworks with family member and they wanted to put me in the middel but I started panicking)

*R word or jokes..someone on twitter did this recently and I went off

*blaming abuse victims in any way

*the span*** word (can't stand to even hear a parent say it and I will go off)

* belts or hearing them come undone

* I now hate the word panties so bad

* loud cars

* being alone in the dark at times

* Being in a crowd

* men staring at me even if it is innocent

* loud noises

* yelling, even if it isn't yelling directed at me

* anger even if it's not directed at me (feel bad it seems my bf can't be in a bad mood or I get scared and upset)

* pain..even if it's some other kind of pain not dealing with what happened... makes me remeber the physical pain

* blood

*needles (I always had a phobia of needles but now it's even worse)

* lying on my stomach makes me freak out

* storms

* Now hands and that's the weirdest one

* some sex talk

I have sooo many I may add more later...I am still figuring out what some of mine are.

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I've been reading all these replies for almost half an hour... You have all have given me strength.

I never truly admitted to myself that I have 'triggers'.. but hopefully compiling a list and writing it down will help me be more aware of my thoughts/actions.

Spread legs

Open bedroom doors

Alcohol-laced breath

Paranoia about my parents having sex (a weird, new one that only started a few months ago)

Surprising physical contact (ie. a hug from behind)

Cigarette smoke

When a male walks around in only underwear (especially my father or brother)

Being alone at night

Beds, especially my bed and bunk-beds.

And in general, any male that has passed, or is currently in, puberty makes me uncomfortable.. I need to get past that one for sure :(

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  • french blue sheets particularly with dark geometric patterns
  • beards (stubble is fine just not full beards and only if the beard touches me)
  • hiking boots with red laces
  • purple therma-rests
  • chrome barber style massagers

I have some others but these are my unusual ones

oh and it turns out ambulances with lights and sirens driving past me full tilt

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Drunk men (I'm terrified to go out anymore)


A certain cologne

Laying down with my arms above my head

Dirty songs about sex

Guys talking about sex

I probably have more but this is the first time I've thought about it. Good idea!

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Mine are pretty specific:

- If I worry my underwear is peaking out of my pants

- Burgundy pickup trucks

- Sleeves of clear plastic cups

- Watching people lock doors from the inside (not with a key)

- Other people mentioning that they need to take a shower

- People spitting on things (not just spitting on the ground)

- Talk about the morning after pill

- People eating eggs at night

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I am a 7 year survivor of rape. It was a stranger rape...3 men broke into the house.

For triggers I don't think are weird but I still have flashes and nightmares. I just started dating again this year. Only one relationship has been past two weeks. My boyfriend now...he is amazing. So loving but I met him online. I am scared to meet him. I don't know how to tell him that but even him looking at me freaks me out. I am so scared.

*being touched especially by men

*talking about sex

*sexual scenes in movies

*people following me

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The smell of beer.

The smell of cigarette smoke.

Someone touching/holding my wrists or arms.

Any sound in the night.

Being alone at night.

Being alone in the dark.

Some of these are worse than others. I can "prepare" myself to deal with the smell of beer and smoke, but if I smell it unexpectedly I automatically see his face. I can tolerate being alone at night if I stay busy until pure exhaustion where I basically pass out, but have to sleep with a light or tv on. I can't be alone in the dark without thinking he or someone is going to get me. And no matter who touches or hold my wrists it causes the worst response. It's been 12 years since I have had an encounter, but I don't think I will ever be able to handle that one.

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The smell of incense or that musky smell old buildings have

Hearing hymns or chritmas carols

The smell of tea

Breakfast cereal

The feel of Satin or silk

Older men in their 60's / 70's especially if they have a beard. Its a weird one this as my abuser didnt have a beard.

Washing my face

Brushing my teeth

Having my hand stroked

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I keep finding new ones. Here's what I know of right now. There are others, but not related to SA.

Mustaches. With a beard or goatee is okay. Alone is a huge trigger.

Anything touching the front of my neck.

Roy Orbison music.

Sleeping in a bed.

Anyone close to my back.

“Three days growth” facial hair.

Bladder infections.

The word “lurk”.

The word “tease”.

The word “doll” as a term of endearment.

Hair being touched.

Being in someone's house.



Dancing. Me dancing where anyone can see.

Being told I am “safe”.

The game “Twister”.

Certain food items, ie hot dogs, bananas, large pieces of fruit.

Brushing my teeth is often a trigger. Sometimes the brush. Sometimes the toothpaste.

Martina McBride's song “I'm Gonna Love You Through It”.

3X :butterfly::tealribbon::purpleribbon:

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The strangest trigger of all for me is seeing or being around anything having to do with Native American culture. This makes me feel slightly horrible because I am not a racist/prejudiced person but it happens to be a gigantic trigger for me because my abuse situation centered around reference to Red Cloud the Sioux Chief. Hence, I cannot go to pow wows, casinos, Native American stores. Seeing hawks flying in the sky is also a trigger for me stemming from reference to them as "protection" over and over. Feathers bother me as well. Axes, knives, stones, dream catchers are included.

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The video game Skyrim

Star Wars (or anything associated with it)

Breathing or being kissed on or around my neck (something I used to love... He ruined it for me... a**hole)

Sometimes being f**gered will REALLY trigger me

S*x in general is triggering although not as bad as it once was... It is weird, it is usually hard for me to have s*x or to "get started" but once we start it is tolerable but then at other times during the middle of it I will just FREAK out and like cry and start to shake or I will just "blank out" and go inside of myself. My response varies and I never know how I will react so it is hard for me to have it now because I never know how I will react and it is embarrassing. :cry:

Guys who look or sound a certain way (voice tone I mean)

Guys with a certain name.....


Domestic Violence

Mind control/abuse

I have to stop I am starting to trigger myself.... :scared:

Thanks for this thread by the way! ♥♥♥♥ :thumbsup:

Chantel ♥

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Ah triggers... What an excellent idea, to exorcise our trigers

The smell of menthol cigarettes

Black cars

Arrogant men

Bald men

Borken glass, plates, etc

Pool tables

White button down shirts

People touching me

People standing or walking behind me

Anything sexual: discussions, movie scenes, people kissing infront of me. Cant stand it. Its mostly the man aspect. I hate the thought of men kissing or grabbing. It makes me sick

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Being at the lake alone.


If i'm in a room, doors have to be closed.

People coming into the bathroom while i'm in the shower.

Big Red Gum.

Chocolate syrup.

Back massages.

My feet being touched.

My husband touching my breast.


Older men.

Two door cars.

UV Vodka.

Curtains on windows being open come evening.

Unlocked doors.


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*Blue eyed men

*Tall men (anyone over 5'10" I avoid unless it's work related)

*Men I don't know well invading my space

*Being called sexy or being complimented on my body

*Being intimate (gives me nausea)

*When people don't believe something I've said (makes me want to burst into tears)

*Someone grabbing my arm as I'm trying to walk away

*Being hugged from behind

*Being silenced by someone else's hand over my mouth

*Having my wrists held down

*People who come near me when I'm asleep (I wake up screaming)

*Men who touch me inappropriately at a club

*People staring at me

*Having anyone standing over me when I'm laying on my back

*Being kissed unexpectedly

*Extroverted men

*Men who are muscular

*Back massages

*When my weight drops below a size 2 (too much attention)

*Hearing heavy breathing

*New Years Eve

*Hearing someone describe someone else as weak

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gold charm bracelets

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webcams, any phone conversations, anyone talking about sex/intimacy, being called 'sexy', car back seats :(

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Some of these hardly seem "weird" to me, but really I guess everything seems weird from close up from the perspective of the people sharing because they know they otherwise wouldnt have had a reaction to those things.

Here mine, thankfully they are fairly benign and perhaps even quirky.

Walking or standing on a "hollow" feeling surface bothers me, but mainly if its a metallic one, like standing on an overturned bucket or standing on the roof of a car.

Also, bare feet in general irks me a lot, and seeing or thinking about my own feet when not wearing shoes and socks makes me feel guilty or unclean.

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