Anybody else have weird triggers?


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some of the stranger ones:

brownies with mocha icing (anything chocolate with mocha or coffee icing/topping, really).

the scent of a certain kind of tide detergent.

the scent of some "vanilla bean" flavor hand soaps.

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-sitting for long period (maybe like ten minute)

-standing for long period (5min)

-laying (like 2 min)

-being touch in any way unexpectedly

-being grab



-watching news on television

-being in any room which have had a lock on the door

-being in small space

-the smell of urine and/or waste


-loud music

-electric wires

-speak english/speak with voice most day


-people raise voice


-naked people

-sharp object

-on bad day if i look to my leg i can have bad flashback


-the dark

..i could go on for very long time but as you can are tell i have oddddd trigger!!

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I didn't realize that I had so many triggers...

Male authority figures

Making small talk with men

People I don't know being "in my space"

Repetive sounds

Strangers touching me anywhere except to shake my hand (& sometimes even that too)

People trying to convince me that something happened when I know it did

When I've unintentionally upset someone

Being told to "calm down"

Back rubs

Walking alone in the dark outside

Men with long fingernails

People whom I don't know or like shortening my name

These are the ones that still set me off. There are others that I've managed, for the most part, to overcome or that don't bother me nearly so much anymore.

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I am scared of the dark, I use a flashlight at night when I turn off the light so that I can see and when I have been having flashbacks I tend to search the room several times before getting in bed.

When I am sleeping and my bedroom door is opened (having roommates in college made this one hard to deal with and I couldnt sleep)

My hair being pulled or someone coming up behind me and touching me

Whispering in my ear

Being alone with older men

Male authority figures

Hearing others stories that are similar to mine (that one is a catch 22 because I want to be connected to people that have experienced the same things but at the same time I do get triggered and have flashbacks)

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My first name :tear: which I do NOT go by, but of all things when i go to the doctors, sometimes they call me that double trigger :(

bugs, I was in a "dungeon" cellar my first time when I was five and there were bugs.. of course that was better than what came next, but i really freak with bugs

can't have my hands behind/bove my head... or strapped down, so my surgeries were very, very triggering

and some otherthings I cant think of until it happens and som things I can't mention :(

thanks for asking


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 I'm sad to say, sometimes I get triggered by young girls, probably because I envy their innocence

I to look at young girls and wonder if someone is hurting them. Also the usual anyone that looks like the person that hurt me and any sort of violence or raised voices.

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Some triggers for me are the same as what some of you have listed:

Being held down or confined

Dark places

The smell of alcohol and cigarettes on a man's breath

Movies or TV shows that show/indicate children being raped/sexually abused

**Men with a limp (he had one)

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Clubbing (all those people around, can't get out)

My little sister mentioning r*pe or anything like that (I'm terrified of her being hurt too)

Being drunk, I wasn't drunk when it happened, but for some reason it brings back the memories

People grabbing my arms

People around me discussing r*pe (even if they don't know about me, they just tend to be dismissive of it, which can hurt sometimes)

Haha, guess I'm a pretty messed up person! There are probably more triggers, but I can't think of them at the moment

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My weirdest trigger is the Bible. It had absolutely nothing to do with my assaults. I told my T once and she thought it was the weirdest thing ever and couldn't figure out how the trigger worked.

My second weirdest trigger is the show Trailer Park Boys. One of them (can't remember which) was making an appearance at the bar I was at the night of the second assault. I didn't like the show before, but now it makes me sick to even hear about it.


- being touched by people I don't know or by drunk people

- being touched without warning or without my permission

- certain songs

- beer - smell, taste, etc.

- a certain classroom on my university campus

- half-lit rooms

- Family Guy

- being pushed/held down

I'm sure there are others, but these are the main ones that I can think of at the moment......

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Hey i'm new here and this is the first post i've made, seems like an ok place to start.

-JOOP! aftershave

-my neck being restricted... or exposed, it changes for some reason :huh:

-guys who have been smoking

-the smell of beer

-guys talking about sex

-large groups of men

-trees, lol- that would be my weirdest one.

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... we just had the biggest earthquake in england for nearly 25 years (5.3 on the richter scale) that I felt rather strongly and the emotional shock triggered me because it was the same reaction I had to my assaults. I reckon that's going to be a major trigger if it happens again, thank God we don't get earthquakes big enough to feel very often!


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men describing their 'perfect girl' or whatever

people using blankets as capes

being told things like ' it didn't mean anything / matter' in almost any situation

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smell of alcohol (on someone's breath or the smell of a bar - that smoky/alcohol smell)

someone touching my hands (I have finally learned to say "I don't shake hands" and not feel bad when I get that "What????" look from people and tell them its a personal space issue when they ask why if I tell them anything at all)

the hand touching also pertains to my children grabbing my hands when they are excited and want my attention - freaks me out & I tend to yell at them which in turn makes me feel bad but I can't control it

the smell of certain older men and their hair cream/gel or aftershave - I can't figure out which...maybe its just the old man smell in general

anything that is "phallic" shaped - currently the spring flowers are coming out of the ground and they resemble ... well I won't go there but it really scares me

bathrooms w/windows that have no curtains - believe it or not, some don't!

small confined spaces - elevators and the like

sitting with my back to the door in any room

many, many in the bedroom that I can't describe here

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One I don't understand: guys who leave their socks on when they are having s*x. Really strong trigger, but the strength may be because the only time I'd find that out, is usually already emotionally fraught.

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I more dealt with intense harassment, leading to nightmares and some hallucinationy I'm not a rape victim but I guess I still have triggers that make me think of my harasser.

* Certain songs she likes.

* Having my hair touched or caressed, especially if someone sneaks up and does it.

* Girls with lower vocal ranges in choir.

* Honey blonde hair with gentle curls at the bottom (aka: not the stereotypical stalker I know).

* Heavy mascara.

* The month of December as a whole.

* Going to plays/theater stuff.

* People who wear a lot of white.

* High heeled leather boots.

* Thunderstorms.


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~ Computer code

~ Certain songs, particularly 'Scotty Doesn't Know' and 'Spare Me the Details'

~ Being too close to bonfires

~ People waving lit cigarettes around

~ People making 'flame throwers' using lighters and deodorant

~ People (particularly teenage boys) throwing heavy things around (not balls of paper, but objects)

~ Ambulances

~ Guys with slight British accents

~ People being emotionally manipulative

~ The door to a certain room in my house (don't know why, but I hate it and if the door is open I have to check everywhere in it then close the door)

~ Sleeping with my door open or unlocked

~ People who look like him or certain members of his family

~ Being called useless or ugly

~ Sitting on someone's lap or having them sit on mine

~ Being knocked or tripping into someone, particularly if they look annoyed about it

~ People joking about SI or *r*

~ People walking behind me

~ Rooms painted bright light blue

Erk... that's a lot more than I thought there were.

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wow...ummm let's see"

  • the smell of newly cut grass
  • hands on the back of my neck
  • people joking about *r*
  • Law and Order: SVU (sometimes, depending on the episode) (love the show most of the time though)
  • high school guys walking around with no shirt on but one thrown over their shoulder
  • Lifetime movies about *r*
  • Baseball diamonds
  • the song Take me out to the ballgame
  • anything to do with a baseball game really

wow, i didnt know i had so many. O yea, one more: pocket knives

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Hey everyone,

I'm new here, and thought I would post a list of my triggers, even though I know most have already been said :)

Someone I don't know standing too close behind me

Laying down with nothing under my head

Being alone around men.

When a man closes a door behind me and locks it.

Loud noises

Drunk men

Any topic on rape/abuse - TV/Film/Jokes etc

Being naked - especially laying down and being looked at when i'm naked.

Having my hands held unwillingly

Being touched at all without my prior consent

Enclosed/Dark spaces

Being chatted up

Someone tying a scarf for me around my neck


Being pinned down or restrained

People staring at me

People covering my eyes

Compliments from men i don't know

Oral sex

The Adam and Joe Show

Angry men

Loud men

Not being able to see

Not being able to breathe

The smell of weed

Not being covered when I am trying to sleep

Sitting in a public space with my back exposed

Eye contact with people I don't know


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Being in an apartment, at all.

Looking out a window on a top floor.

Having someone refer to me as 'beautiful', or anything like it.

Water. (Drinking water.)

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SS but I still have some batshit insane Anxiety.

Walking in an empty street

Lots of in a bar where there are 5-10 different sets of noise coming together

Being naked

Yeah, they're the main ones...

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economy hotels

empty streets -- rainy nights

white tank top undershirts


rape/abuse on tv, etc

flying in to my home town

men who need/push for something from me (even if its at work, etc)

oral sex

bob dylan songs

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