Anybody else have weird triggers?


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I have some pretty odd triggers I guess.

-Greyish Green Eyes

-Cigarette breath

-Septum Piercings (on males)

-Single Mattresses

-Hugging someone sweaty

-The smell of beer

-When someone places a hand on or near my lap

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* A closet or bathroom door left open

*Rape scenes in moves or even sex scenes or talk of sex [in movies or person]

*Sitting too close to people

*Any attention what so ever [even as small as people staring on the bus or sitting next to me even]


*The word 'hurt' directed at me in any way

*outward flirting

*Any touching [especially of my legs or my wrist/hand area]

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Someone grabbing my wrist. :(

Big trigger for me as well :(


old men...every time I see one I automatically think "pervert!"


:hug: back to you to. wow we have similar triggers. I don't know why the mind works like that but I am the same.

Yeah we do seem to be triggered by similar things...though I am not that surprised...I relate a lot to your story and your posts in general...PM if you ever want to. :hug: :hug:

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I don't know if I've posted here before, but I realized I have a new trigger: whistling. For some reason, both yesterday and today, there has been someone outside my window who whistles as they walk by, and it is HUGELY triggering. I have no idea why that might be.

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* Men of Mediterranean appearance - The guy that perpertrated it all was of spanish descent.

* Suggestions of group sex - I was blackmailed into a gang bang of sorts with three guys. I used to enjoy group sex and now the mere suggestion makes my skin crawl and reminds me of that night.

* Rape scenes in movies

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*Boney hands

*Class rings (especially with blue stones in them)

*The name "Bryan" (but not Brian)

*Rape scenes in movies/tv/books

*Rape jokes

*The use of the word rape in the context "I so raped you" or "I totally got raped" referring to VIDEO GAMES :angry:

*Mentally challenged people

*House sounds at night

*Being touched in anyway by men other than my father and boyfriend

*Being alone with men I don't know well, especially authority figures

*Not being able to see properly (when I get migraines I can't see and it ads panic to the if the headache wasn't enough. if you take a low-dose aspirin every morning it can help prevent migraines though. Just thought I'd share that. Sorry)

*His voice, picture, or presence

*Pop-up trailers, especially when they have a yellow/brown color scheme

*The game Chutes and Ladders

*Having my ass grabbed a certain way (my boyfriend learned not to do that real quick...)

*Gyno. appointments

*A guy my age that might have gotten hurt too....*guilt*

I didn't realize there were so many....

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some of mine are: the smell of peppermint scented lotion and some facewash

a certain type of cologne

r*pe scenes in movies

r*pe and abuse jokes

the light sometimes at certain times of day

any heavy kissing

having my butt grabbed unexpectedly by my husband

horror movies

having someone breathe on my neck or talk close to my ear

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  • 2 weeks later...

Abused in so many places for so long I've developed a ton of triggors-- and ultimately had to learn a ton of positive coping skills...

Some strange ones:

1. Cinnamin Gum

2. Toothpaste

3. Floor lamps

4. Puppets

5. Churchs (You can imagine that this one was tough to deal with...)

6. The smell of alcohol

7. Hand-cuffs (I suppose this will keep me from ever doing anything illegal! :) )

8. Type-writers

9. People with extremely small thumbs...

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when people grab me to get my attention

yelling at me or just around me

the smell of alcohol

rape scenes in movies or tv

physical abuse of children in movies or tv

scary movies- i can never watch nightmare on elm street

the dark of night

3 am in the morning :tear: it always happened at that time

too many... i cant write anymore

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The words: r*pe, ab*se, se*ual, vi*lating, ass*ult, t*uching, f*ndling, har*ssing, m*lesting, str*ngling, f*rcing

Having my period (not necessarily a bad thing but a reminder)

Being pinned down with arms above my head

Not being able to move my arms or legs

Being strangled or seeing someone strangled (in films maybe)

Males standing very close behind me

Anyone who looks at me funny (staring at me)

Tickling or hitting 'fights'

Night time

Dark rooms

Talk about sex / oral sex

Hearing a male make sexual noises

Perverted male jokes

Films with rape/violent scenes

Any loud sounds or creaky noises (espec. at night)

Young innocent girls (I want to protect them / wish I could go back to their age)

Talk about Lebanon or Beirut

Being in a quiet room (I need to listen to music or have someone talking)

Open doors

Closed doors

Anyone saying anything about men being superior to women (e.g.: men are better drivers than women, women are only good for cooking, cleaning and sex etc.)

The word “shaytan” (the devil in Arabic)

Not being able to see

Anyone who looks like him

Holidays (Christmas time, half terms and summer espec.)

Thinking I’ve let someone down / upset someone

Not being perfect

Being in “no way out” situations

People who say sorry and dont mean it

Sorry its so long, the list is endless!

And great to see lots of you sharing the same triggers as me xxxx

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An addition! People calling me "Ellie" instead of "Elle" or people using my full name "Elspeth"

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*open closet doors

*scenes in movies or passages in books involving decpitation

*being touched in general

*french kissing

*the young girls thing is starting to trigger me as of late too, though it does not have to be young as in the innocence, but teenage girls really can get me. Especially ones who obviously have an **attitude** they remind me of me when I was 15. It makes me wonder why they have the attitiude and I wanna go up to them and tell them it's all right. I want to tell them NOT to hold it in for so long. Than it could poison them if they do...

oh gotta go but I have more

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- people named nick (i hate this cuz it's totally unfair to them, but i can't help it, y'know?)

- the smell of axe phoenix

- flannel sheets

- bad scenes in movies (you know what i'm talking about)

- my breasts being touched

- my daughter

- conversations about abortion/adoption

- pregnancy tests

- really skinny guys

- arm-wrestling (but it's ok as long as nobody challenges me)

- when a guy friend is sad (once again, i hate this cuz it's not fair)

- sometimes being hugged sets me off

- if i'm having a bad day, anything sexual

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Anytime a middle eastern male talks to me, approaches me, looks at me, or even messages me online it just makes me relive things.. I can't listen to rap music without reliving it, since they listened to it.. I can't bare talking about high school, if anyone asks me about high school, I relive it..

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* Suggestions of group sex

That's a big trigger for me too. Ugh.

me too..

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this was a great idea! I have pretty standard triggers but i think the worst ones are:

*black interiors in cars* (any model/make)


*having somebody hold my hands above my head or behind my back*

*guys giving me compliments*

*pet names like swtie and hunni (only by ppl who i am not comfortable with)*

im sure there are others that im just not remembering right now

thanks for listenin


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I have a lot similar to others but I will post some of my more unusual ones....

young sisters

baby talk

cold wet fabric

star trek

phlegm or any kind of oral secretion, spit etc

brushing my teeth

people with rotten front teeth

french kissing

any man that i know is mentally ill or at least appears to be so

being in groups of mentally ill people (men or women) or some kind of support group

the words diary or journal

being locked out or locked in somewhere

being told my intentions (like you meant to do that)

having breasts, body hair esp when mentioned by a man

laying down or sleeping in front of other people

city limit signs

certain colors, like seafoam green/blue

talk of the supernatural, ghosts, magic, satan (if meant seriously - harry potter and casper are fine)


The older elvis look, sideburns and dark hair

being asked to be seductive

directional lights like spotlights



jewelry except stud earrings

people who talk in circles or convoluted

cotton plants

water at times

the suggestion that I have sex

laying on my stomach

Chuck Berry's My-Ding-A-Ling song

Half of those I have no idea why they set me off. Some I can guess but I dont remember.

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  • 3 weeks later...

The scent/feeling of having vaginal discharge.

anyone touching any part of my legs.

anyone making sudden movements in my direction.

I think those were all fairly normal.

Oh wait.

The scent of chlorine,

thinking of manmouth university,which includes seeing the film annie,

seeing a copy of Moment (a jewish magazine)

Teenage emo hispanics.

Anyone naked.

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I'm sad to say, sometimes I get triggered by young girls, probably because I envy their innocence

Me too..:(...and i think cuz i worry abt them too..


-- really dark black men esp. with square shaped heads

-- Any conversation on swimming in general

-- Swimming pools

-- Ikoyi Club (where I took lessons)

-- One particular girl (I fear it happened to her too cuz think he gave her lessons too)

-- Light blue and/or black swimming shorts (men's)

-- For a while but not so much now...guys (incl. my male friends) holding me against them with their hands around my waist.

-- Fingers especially mens

-- Men with long fingernails...or not cut short of any length.

-- Books, Films, anythng on sexual assault of any kind especially child abuse.

-- my 'die' days

-- Memories.

-- Conversations with friends telling me about their what they get up to in their relationships.

-- I just found this out with my ex (which makes sense as he's my first proper boyfriend)... bare hand on my stomach region...i dont know rili know why...have i suppressed some memories?? i can't take nemore id rather die than know for sure :down:

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