Anybody else have weird triggers?


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Smell of beer on someone's breath

Being tickled

Being touched unexpectedly

My stomach being touched

New relationships

Acqua di gio by Armani cologne

Pillows over my face

Someone breathing in my face

People who talk about their abuse/rapes

Being naked without covers near me

Older men

Young girls

Being too close to strangers

Being woken up by someone (sometimes, haven't identified the specifics)

People talking about sex (sometimes, haven't identified the specifics)

People laughing loudly (sometimes, haven't identified the specifics)

Something about doors (haven't identified the specifics)

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Wow glad im not the only one!!!

Mine are:

Bus Drivers

Men in their late 30's-early 50's

Brazilian Men (im sorry i dont mean to be racist)


Water skiiing

Boxer shorts

LUCASADE!!!! (i freak out)

The word Rape

people saying im sorry when they hear my story (dont be sorry!!!)

Men with young children

Sisters (especially 2 young girls)

Probably more but im not in the mood for a trip down memory lane today!

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Strange Men

Men with children

Any man around a young girl


Being in a place I can't escape easily

Being touched while I'm sleeping

Being touched by strangers

Being alone in any public place


Being Held down

My dad being around any kids

My dad making sexual jokes or references

Being touched by my dad in any way

Being home alone at night

Being alone with any male but my DF

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Well, I don't know if they count as 'weird' but my triggers include;

- people playing with their hands - tapping them on the table or in any other way.

- being alone anywhere for a long period of time (4+ hours).

- sleeping on my back - which I don't do often, but I sometimes happen to lie that way for a minute and... yeah.

- ...

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Don't know what triggers are exactly... actually...

But I think this one is a trigger, and a really weird one...

Shrek 2... Dinner scene... Shrek and the chicken! I felt physically sick and very tired and very tense!

I can watch r*pe scenes in movies without it bothering me too much...

I can to some extend read about it without it bothering me too much...

And then I have a problem with Shrek...?!

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Sudden Noises

Loud Noices

Being approached from behind

Anytime more than one man is present

the smell of Coconut

The smell of wheat germ oil and honey shampoo

Black light posters

Someone too close to my face and speaking really loudly is a major trigger for me...they are lucky to get one warning before i strike.






certain Pink Floyd songs

tree lined roads in the summer

hiking boots

guys with dark hair

k, thats enough methinks,


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I used to have triggers

Elvis presely songs

Men who look like my perps

Certain names


any photos of women/girls in underwear

People who talk about the porn industry as if there's nothing wrong with it.

men who touch me without permission

Sex toys

Actually one thing really gets up my nose is catalogues where they have young girls wearing makeup. I hate it with a passion. That's about the only hang up I have these days.

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triggers, hmm...i hav quite a few :(

-guys with curly hair,

-certain songs (figured you out by Nickelback, Because of you by Kelly Clarkson, Dont tell me by AvrilLavigne),

-white cars,

-parties with drunk guys there,

-being outside or at a party after dark,

-being in the dark when im gettin ready to go to sleep (i hav to hav a light on or a flashlight),

-silence in a room when im by myself,

-any movie with violence btwn a man and a women,

-any man raising his hand/fist in the same vicinity as me even if its not to hit me,

-any guy yelling either at me or around me,

-a guy pushing me against a wall or on the floor (even if they're playing around),

-someone trying to come in contact with me (besides family members),

-any talk with sexual content,

-any guy trying to hit on me and i dont know them

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My current triggers seem to be;

A particular type of vehicle (van)

Men with goatees or glasses (major trigger - i'm sure i scowl at every man who resembles him)

Situations where i'm not believed

insensitive comments from people re rape "jokes" etc

rape scenes in movies - not because of the scene per se, but because of the stupid portrayal they seem to have.

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Most of the usual ones.

But some of my weird ones include:

Farenheit perfume

Porcelain dolls

Peter Pan

Salvador Dali's "Christ of Saint John of the Cross" painting

Wooden stairs

Red carpets

Standing clocks (especially ones with chimes)

Silver trophies

Smell of cumin (spice)

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Some Triggers for me,

Cheap Cologne

Me too. My main abuser always wore either Old Spice or Brute. Now all strong, cheap colonge, male or female variety makes me sick.

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I think my weirdest trigger is probably being stuck in traffic. It has absolutely nothing to do with what happened. But it's that sense of being trapped, and not able to get away.

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Swings at the park, slides at the park...benches at the park

the smell of a park after they mow the lawn...

May trigger***

And the part in the movie, "saving private ryan" where the two soilders fight, and the one kills the other with a knife...just the way he says ...shhhhhh...its he's killing just sends me reeling.

The smell of Shalimar perfume


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Hi, Im new to this kind of thing...

I have some weird triggers, though i havent figured all of them out

-Having my arms grabbed or pinched forcefully

-a certain type of doorknob, just the sight of which sends me into a flashback

-very tall, blonde men

I have some pretty violent flashbacks, and im not really sure why

if anyone has more experience with it, any input would be great

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lots of common ones for me, but the odd thing for me how triggering i find cartoon/film/fake violence or things that are suposed to be 'scary' for halloween and such.

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