Anybody else have weird triggers?


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Smell of cigarette

Smell of restaurant kitchen or restaurant kitchens in general

French talking

Heavy south-italy accent

Pain in the arms

The cat position from Yoga

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I am affected by the normal ones, like blunt r*** scenes or descriptions, but here are some weird ones

The smell of copper pipes

The smell of burning transmission oil (smells like burning plastic, sort of...)


Carlton menthol light cigarettes

Watching the show "Cops"... I guess because a lot of people get handcuffed and stuffed in a car

The feeling of cardboard, especially cardboard that is a little worn down and has been folded too many times

The sound of someone peeling off a strip of duct tape from the roll

Baseball bats

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They may not necessarily be weird but my triggers are

when my dad would doublespeak and make sexual innuendos to other girls/women in front of me or to me

when my dad would make a comment about my body parts or body parts of other girls/women

when someone mentions masturbation

when I see r@pe or any other sex crime on TV or movies

if my DH reaches over in middle of night and tries to initiate sex while I am sleeping

when my DH calls me beautiful or pretty or hottie

when I change my daughter's diapers I am afraid when I have to clean her labia minora

when I see men with pot bellies

when I see men with facial hair

when men look at me

if a man speaks to me

if I am in a room that has more men than women

being home alone at night

sometimes in the shower when cleaning privates

sometimes during sex with DH

sometimes out of the blue

I am sure there are many more, but these are what I can think of at the moment.

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This is going to sound dumb, but one of my biggest triggers is if i watch a P**n movie I actually made. Go figure. I did scenes for maybe 200 movies (only one "real" whole story-movie) but one scene I can not stand to watch. I can't even look at the box. I feel embarassed about it becuase I did it in the first place. Its a humiliation scene, and I got beat up pretty good. Its NOT fake and when I'm crying its for real (I am a lame actress so you know its for real). I didn't enjoy doing it but at the time it was "just a job" but now it causes me some serious problems.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Weird Triggers

Having my wrists tickled, even by accident (seriously, it makes me want to punch someone in the face).

The smell of certain sweat.

Being in a vechale with all doors and windows locked so I'm unable to escape.

Certain body spray scents.

The clothes I wore when I came home from my rape kit.

The pajamas that I wore when I was raped in January, 2005.

Strange men fondling me.

The question "Are you mad at me?" when the answer is obvious.

The question "Are you scared of me?"

The question "Do you still love me?" after being sexually abused or raped.

Loud, obnoxious burping followed by "Pardon me."

Drunken people vomiting/loud gagging noises.

My parents having the hiccups (it usually ALWAYS means they're drunk).

Lying naked in bed or being in a naked sitting position. Or just being naked in general.

Hearing loud, unexpected noises.

Someone knocking at my window.

Older men with young children especially if the child is crying or looks scared.

Beer breath.

Pelvic exams.

The statement "You really want me, don't you?" said by anyone, but my boyfriend.

Someone making sexually degrading comments about my body.

Certain bars.

Drunk older men.


The song "You're my little girl" by Go Fish.

Any Prince songs.

Getting lost.

Being licked.

Someone loudly knocking at the door repeatly.

Someone knocking at the door when I least expect it.

Prank calls.

That's all I can think of right now.

That's a hell of a lot of triggers. :tear:

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i'm a ftm but i have some of the same things. i dont mean any offense by that just that i consider myself male even though i was born a woman.

*most bio men (born male and staying male)




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-Sometimes when it's raining and everything smells wet outside. It reminds me of 10th grade, where I was really REALLY angry and experiencing a lot of trauma symptoms.

-On the flipside, really bright sunny days. :huh:

-Seeing his hands :| Or hearing his voice (the guy is in my biology class)

-Hands near "the danger zone" (my knees/thighs) although this is slowly getting better.

-The song "Stricken" by Disturbed used to be a trigger... any songs from the 10 Thousand Fists album, actually.

-"Wings of a Butterfly" or "Killing Loneliness" by HIM used to be triggers as well

-Someone walking from behind me and sitting directly on my right

-Those weird little metal Jesus fish people put on cars

-The movie Legally Blonde

-Mardi gras beads

-Wearing this denim skirt I made

Most of these don't quite induce a full panic, but they do make me rather nervous/jittery.

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Funny, I was just thinking about this for the last few days. Here are a few of my triggers:

Anyone holding my head

Being held down or pinned down

Being tickled

If any man past or present wants to put their hand on my crotch, such as when my husband lovingly wants to caress me there, I start to freak, especially if we're riding in the car, and I don't know why, I just hate being touched there when I am fully clothed. During intimate times, it is no problem, only when I am clothed.

I can't watch rape scenes in movies or the hint of sexual violence.

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Music from the 80's

Men with dark curls

throat pain

beer bottles


someone touching me when I don't expect it

rape on television

drunk people

belly pain

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  • 2 weeks later...

-any mention of gynecology or exams are a bad one; we read an article in my Social Theory class about how male gynecologists need to set the tone and context properly and it made me cry, also, reading "The Bell Jar" where she goes to the doctor after she won't stop bleeding and he exams her (but the attempted rape scene does not bother me, because it is rather different than anything I've experienced)

-any mention of women in the middle east, because I spent the last semester reading about the horrible sexual violence (and it looks like what happened to me was more illegal over there than it is over here)

-any mention of the country where his family was from, because he was proud of his heritage and brought it up all the time. I feel bad for condemning an entire country/people and am trying not to.

-being touched by a male doctor for a routine exam, especially when he touches my stomach, because that's the first place that guy always put his hands. I don't think I would mind it so much if he would say things like, "Okay, now I'm going to feel your stomach to check blah blah" beforehand, but I'm too embarrassed to ask him to do that. But I hardly go to the doctor ever anyway.

-things that are meant to be motivational, such as positive thinking (if you don't see it as a problem, then it's not) or getting past obstacles (business manuals with titles like "Getting Past No.")

-when guys make comments, however innocuous, about how some girl was flirting with them, because I worry that they are overattributing the girl's behavior to sexual attraction, like that guy did.

-when a guy seems very nice, being very formal/polite or does a lot of volunteer work, it makes me suspicious, unfortunately

-hearing anyone mention the guy who assaulted me and speaking of him admiringly, OR speaking of him derisively (because it makes me feel dumb that I thought he was a good guy)

-I have almost completely stopped watching TV or movies, not only because I don't want to see rape/assault/abuse scenes but because it is a big part of the problem of rape myths in so much of what it shows about men and women, especially with WAY too many storylines about people lying about being attacked. I especially HATEHATEHATE the movie "Crash."

-another big one is when someone says anything that would be rude and I can't tell 100% if they're joking. It makes me very uncomfortable because I never took that guy's interest in me that seriously because he seemed like he was just kidding around.

I know there are more specific things/movements/words that bother me, but I can't think of them right now--I've pretty much sequestered myself in my house since summer vacation started, with just my parents, who don't know about anything, so I haven't really been around people just living their lives and doing things that would upset me, so I can't say what specifically upsets me more than other seems like I'm just always thinking about it.

The guy who assaulted me was the only one I was ever with, ever kissed, ever had a major crush on. This thread worries me because I thought that in the future, when I get a nice boyfriend, I'll feel better, but apparently I'll probably get a lot more triggers from intimate behavior with him that is supposed to be normal...getting hugged by guys and general proximity doesn't bother me; I think I'll be more upset by particular tones of voice or particular expressions/words or remains to be seen...

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weird triggers i dont know about that most of mine are what others probbly get triggered from

but today i was triggered my saing a mans arm out of a truck i dont know why i just saw this arm out the truck window and then i saw him

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I think I may have done this already...but...

-blonde brick walls...i can't be too close or I'll freak out and cry.

-small, wiry looking trees

-rape scenes on movies...which is weird because I can watch them on like Law & Order: SVU and not be that bothered, but it seems to me that movies sort of glorify the scene. =/ ?

-someone touching my hair in any way shape or form.

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Well i've got a ton of triggers and i already listed those in another place but as for weird ones ya got some of those too:

milk (actually any fluid except water that doesn't have a texture to it) well even water can trigger me at times, i can only drink sodas and some juices now.


having my mouth full

eating anything unless it is hard crunchy stuff, i'm great with dry toast and crackers

going to the bathroom

sudden noises

talking about what happened (makes me throw up)

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Not having control over a situation (Like they wouldn't take my check at the store yesterday because I forgot my drivers license, and I almsot burst into tears)

Pandys (The most I think about what happened when I come to this site - and then I get sad. And yet the past month, I'm here all the time - must be sadistic)

The mention of certain types of umm positions.

Being around men that I don't know.

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I'm sure I mentioned a few of mine already :unsure: but here's another.... the "d****** dog" position.! :angry:


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-Black curly hair

-The smell of that stuff you can buy in health food stores, "Tiger Balm" (every hear of it?)

-the song "Time of your life" by Green Day

- and sometimes the musical Rent (i used to love that show too)

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Several things that trigger me include:

  • Parking Lots
  • Seeing someone just sitting in a vehicle looking around...
  • Plastic pipes used for plumbing...
  • People in uniforms...cops, security guards...
  • People invading my space...
  • Being confined, restrained...
  • Certain sounds, smells, tastes, sights...
  • Anything tight around my neck...
  • Mens facial hair...
  • "Looks" from other people...
  • White vans, police cars, and sheds...
  • Elevators...
  • Public Bathrooms...
  • Long Hallways...
  • Closed doors that I have to go through...when I leave my house, I open all closet doors and my shower curtain just to make me think nothing is hiding from me...
  • Steel toed military boots, knives...
  • My front door and the tree in my back yard...
  • Violent storms...
  • Certain names, dates, hours...
  • Sneaky, quiet people...predators...
  • People who can't look at my eyes when they talk...makes me think they are lying...dishonest...
  • My most of the time it is well hidden...

I could go on and on with God, I actually think that in some way, everything triggers me...

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being touched by stangers

being trapped in a crowd (in high school i couldn't walk through the halls ithout flipping out)

law and order: svu (i don't know if it's eird or not considering but i'm the only one my family that can't watch it)

being without my friends in a public place

staying asleep when someone opens the door

sunlight in my face when i wake up

doors ooen hen i sleep

and sometimes seeing other people laughing will really get me going

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I always get upset when people touch me without identifying themselves first. Or people who are really touchy-feely.

Law and Order SVU can be triggering as well, especially the very violent episodes.

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my weirdest ones are:

cigarettee smoke (scent on clothes, breath, hair, anything), alcohol of almost any sort other than wine, raised hands/fists, long haired men with long beards, being touched, talk about s*x, any form of s*x on tv/movie, hearing "i love you...." "....prove it", closets that have doors, pain, not being able to breathe, being sat on, having a person over the top of me, and right now almost all movies or tv shows

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It's probably not weird but I think alcohol is. I had a sip of an alcoholic drink last night and I was nearly sick. :/ Also, men I don't know, tartan and Scottish accents.

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I always get upset when people touch me without identifying themselves first. Or people who are really touchy-feely.

Law and Order SVU can be triggering as well, especially the very violent episodes.

Yeah, both of those trigger me as well...

I'm never going to get a complete list I always forget and have to add things! I give up... :(

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My triggers..

* coffee - my perp drank it before kissing me..

* the smell of sex

* the smell and taste of s*men

* guys who wear glasses

* the words "i never meant to hurt you, im sorry" or any variation of that sentence

* feeling sexually aroused

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