Anybody else have weird triggers?


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Guest loreelin


white stripes (the band)

weezer (the band)

rough kisses on my throat/neck

the crunching of leaves under foot :( this used to be one of my favorite sounds...but since it meant he was's a trigger now.

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Very overweight men,

Black tracksiut trousers -the really nasty cheap ones,

Archers peach snaps,

white polyester shirts with motorbikes on them

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blue mustangs ~ navy blue, the 2004 model

charlottesville, va

the exit i would take to his apartment

sometimes seeing UVA stuff since UVA is in charlottesville

heavy breathing

quick shallow breathing during sex


(he used one all the time)

rape scenes in movies

sometimes law and order SVU will be particularly violent and totally freak me out

rough movies sometimes

but then, there are weird things that i would think would trigger me and they don't.

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My Triggers are...

Being touched intimatly

lakes at night


white with black XB hardtops (car)

red XC (car)

work ute

harly davisons




swimming with a male

any sex scene or intimacy

adds of sexual/attraction nature

sexual talk in person or on tv


my hand being grabbed and put anywhere

kissing sometimes


some clothing i own that was worn during an attack

knock on the door

sound of my gate opening

front or back door being open

curtians not being drawn (incase someone can see though the window)

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my weird triggers are:



fingers snappping


someone crying

&&& engines starting in a car

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  • Drunk Men
  • certain songs
  • a place called Urbis in Manchester, UK
  • The smell of chalk and paint brush cleaner
  • Wooded areas in the dark
  • the dark
  • the smell of alcohol on someones breath
  • people I dont know well being "touchy feely"
  • scars

thats all i think.... :blush:

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kit-kat bars.

old men.

bald men.

heavy breathing.

being touched. in any way by anyone.

food lions.


blonde hair and blue eyed boys.

austin powers.

children crying.



shooting ranges.


big band/ classical music.

rape and child abuse jokes.

"youre nobody till somebody loves you" by frank sinatra

shabbat services & that music

certain smells.

"ghosts are good company" by the moldy peaches

phone calls early in the morning.

sounds at night.

back massages.

certain things people say.

people getting emotional.

the movie titanic.

the resturant andys and chicken subs at subway

this one ring tone...

the song "the bad touch"

the song "i touch myself"

...the list goes on...

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Loudlyshy, you are not messed up. Or, at least, I'm right there with you....but I think neither of us is messed up.

Anyway, here are some of my random triggers:

lime....taste, smell, lime scented cologne especially, luckily its rare

green honda accords, but only if I'm driving and see one on the road

cinnamon smell (candles, airfreshener) or taste (gum)

Tool (the mention of the band name, not the playing of the music because I dont know it that well)

a man clearing his throat, usually on the phone before he speaks, but sometimes just in general

"adventure" style computer games (mention of playing them for hours by anybody)

screen doors slamming

the name Chris, but only if its a man introducing himself or someone telling me that's her boyfriend's name

the name Sally, which is luckily rare

obnoxious laughter, by a man

shrimp cocktail

And the major one I must deal with as a school teacher: when I tell someone they can't do something and they do it anyway. I can usually deal with it at school, but when a friend or someone I "trust" does it I have a panic attack and feel bad for hours or days. I've just recently identified this as a trigger but it seems so obvious now. At school I expect it of some children, but I must really concentrate on how I deal with it because the little darlings can sense so quickly what "gets to me."

Thanks for this post.


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I just finally figured this one out and believe me I couldn't figure what set me off until the part of my memory that I blocked out slapped me really hard in the face:

The smell of my boyfriends cologne......same thing my perpetrator used to wear.

Being kissed to hard or passionately.....sometimes it feels as though I am going to have a panic attack.

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Movies, about SA/CSA,

inuendo's about assualting someone. you know like, really hinting at it kind of talk, and it being demeaning.

i think i've blocked something out of my mind, but for some reason, every now and then, Roseanne triggers me. Roseanne Barr i mean.

The Manga Berserk, sometimes though i want to read it, so i have my girfriend Dog ear(fold over) the pages that are bad, but this may not be an odd trigger, it's riddled with violent things.

the sound of tools slideing back and fourth in a truck,

the song "this is the day you're life with surely change" what ever it's called, but it's on a comercial. and it bothers me, sounds sick to me.

a mustach, a certain type, but i can't pinpoint the exact type, but it gose up in to the side burns.

hate towards, race, gender, religion, sexuality, and anything that makes you diffrent from that person.

sometimes, my stuffed Rabbie, Naomi, can trigger me.. but it's also a REALLY big comfort to me. it's a weird one..

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Hi, im new, and have been working thru some stuff that bothers me, 'triggers' me lately... so here goes...

- having my feet touched, held, brushed against, anything like that. When in bed my feet have to be tucked into the blanket as im afraid someone is going to grab them in the night from the bottom of the bed and pull me down... :(

- If i wear a skirt, pulling my underwear up and then pulling the skirt down over it... i feel so shameful, it really takes me back to that night..

- birthday parties in a house *shudder*

- the weight of a man lying on my body, whether its a friend or my partner, their being friendly (messing about etc) or its sexual.

- my hair being wavy, toussled, having 'bed hair' or it not being brushed or straightened.

- the smell you get in the summer when you open your window and all that fresh summer air comes flooding in, i used to love it, but now it freaks me out, specially in the evening.

- being in the house with my (step) dad in the day - he is the best dad i could ever ask for but in the day, i like to be home alone, i dont want attention or hugs or anything, it just bugs me and freaks me out and make me mad.

- being home alone at night, i have to stay awake or have someone over, someone who i trust completely and utterly.

- steak, especially cooking it

- those rubber mats you can have in the bath to stop you slipping around

- being in the bath in general

-being looked at while naked

- being in a crowd

-being looked at for a long period of time

- silver/white gold rings with a cross pattern or a 'knot' in them

- weights benches/punch bags

umm i think thats all for now.. :(

thanks for reading...

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I have some really weird ones but here is part of my list:

-The smell of a certain kind of laundry detergent

-Warm weather

-Swimming pools

-The smell of chlorine (makes me think of the pools)

-Seeing my old house

-Pictures of just about anything from my school years

-Seeing *his* sister or any contact from her

-Not sleeping against something (wall, etc.)

-People touching me unless I know them really, really, really well (which is like 5 friends)

-Bathing Suits

-Being grabbed (even if just on the clothes because I'm walking away from someone)

-Stuff used in a pool

-When someone's voice cracks (like when a male voice is changing...HATE IT)


-A/E and A+F Clothing/Logo/Store

-Being trapped under something (even if it's just a blanket sometimes)

-Having my freedom of movement restrained (even is just by a friend)

-When I see the name of a bird, "ravan"

-My brother talking about his friends

-When people talk about having to do something "daily"

-Being alone on the floor of a house

-Sometimes being cold (although I prefer it to warm summer-like days)

-I hate basements

-Basketball Hoops

-Toy Robots

-Wood stoves and the smell of burning things

-Big trampolines

-Having options and having the freedom to choose things

-Being in the same city as *him* is a trigger most of the time too

There are more but I'm not going to list them all.


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Definitely have some weird triggers

being anywhere hot stuffy and crowded

house parties

fairy wings, wands etc

white velvet

sometimes tampons

Guiness, the smell, taste and men drinking it

most types of fancy dress

my legs being restrained in any way especially in bed

being tickled

being touched by people I don't know very well especially bear hugs

peach schnapps

being startled

having hot feet

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Green Ford Rangers really get to me. Or guys who share the same name. But if I see one of those trucks I completely lose control. Over a car. It seems so irrational but I can't help it.

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  • 3 weeks later...

guys with the same first or middle name as 2 perps who shared first names

prolonged eye contact of any kind

smell of beer or cigarette smoke on the breath

having to trust anyone or being placed in circumstances in which I am forced to rely upon men I dont know very well eg scuba diving

thoughts about initiating relationships.....weird. somehow I can fantastize about a relationship but only if it is in the beyond new stage; if I think about flirting with someone or a first date before it actually happens- I freak.

even if the guy is cool

getting my fingernails done. my ex- and perp would make degrading comments to me if they werent done. something i had originally done for myself, he turned against me. if I get them done I feel as objectifed as if I was still with him. can still get pedicures though WTF??

thats it for now.

Im just starting to learn about my triggers as I have been so detached for so very this is all new and scary for me. even thinking about triggers in general gets me triggered. the price being able to feel anything again I guess.



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I have a few odd ones:

1) People cleaning my room for me.

2) People accusing me of anything (no matter how trivial) I didn't do, even if they apologize after.

3) People calling me selfish for any reason.

All come from my Mom's abuse.

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With my sexual abuse...being alone with my predator

My mental abuse.... when someone calls me names

My Physical....when someone roughly handels me

My emotional....when I want to cry but the tears won't come

All abuse together.....when my dad yells at me and blames thing on me when they are his or no ones fault.

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Diet Coke

Dorm bathrooms (which really sucks because i'm in college right now)

Ppl touching my head

The noise from zippers

"I Try" by Macy Gray

Having wet hair

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