Anybody else have weird triggers?


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People, especially men or teenagers, being too close.

Public transport

People walking towards or behind me

The way men sit on tube trains. (legs spread etc)

Children and teenagers laughing and yelling

Couples fighting

Being touched by someone I don't trust

Loud noises

Being looked at/stared at



People laughing

Not being heard/understood

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My triggers...

Railroad tracks and the sound of trains (whistle)

Mexican men

Any of those crime solving tv shows... Law & Order, CSI, etc.

Strange dark places or strange noises

The sound of cloth ripping

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Thunder and lightning...

It triggers memories and simultaneously a panic attack which kicks off my asthma and I end up in hospital...generally for a long stay..

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Folder Clips and they have to be EVERYWHERE!

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so many weird ones its crazy...

*Pepsi bottles

*green back packs

*pay day cand bars

*daisy flowers

*anyone ontop of me in any way

*when my arms and legs fall asleep

*spanish (my room mate speeks it all the time! :( )

*vibrating cell phones

*anything over my face

*dark places

*being alone

*some peoples laughes

*one of my profs at school

*my hands being pinned down



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I am triggered by a certain type of guacamole (that is packaged and ready to eat.)

I always feel like I'm the weirdest one... but I'm glad I'm not alone. =)

Thanksgiving always triggers me...


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roast chicken

sudden noises

hands near my head

unfamiliar buildings

family gatherings

Prince & Madonna

violence -- films/tv/events

vulnerable females

animal abuse/neglect

plus others, but that's probably enough..

thankyou for the opportunity to express them.

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Lip Medex balm (my ex wears this, plus it became one of those smells that made me sick while pregnant). It is the ONLY lip balm to do that to me.

Someone who tries to touch or talk to me from behind without warning me they're there

License plates that have 666 in them

Mass homilies that mention the afterlife, particularly purgatory and hell

Accusations of lying, that I'm lazy

Bible passages that mention adultery

Oral sex

Ringing telephones

I'll post more later if I think of them. Thank you for this thread, it got me thinking.

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I found out a new one over this past week.....

when someone peals an orange....the way their hands smell after

I dont know if he ate an orange before...or maybe I did

I dont remember at all but the smell makes me sick

I cant handle it and my little brother eats oranges all the time!

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mine are superweird o.o

the word clitorus... i think thats spelled right... and hands over my mouth and nose... i just really panic.... and sitting next to strangers like on the bus or whatever

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Dark small spaces

Lettuce (theirs the weird one)

being snuck up on

People behind my back where i cant see them

People in my personal space (ie too close)

Raised voices or yelling

things being thrown around

Cold walls

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I have some weird trigger too,

~ people whispering in my ear, I can't stand it

~ men hugging children, especially girls

~ anyone holding on to my wrists

~ anything around my neck, I hate turtlenecks and even some normal shirts

~ being surrounded by people, I feel trapped, like I can't escape

~ people standing directly behind me where I can't see them, I get all paranoid

~ people hugging me, I can't stand it, even when it is people I have always known

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tropical places, such as Australia or Hawaii....


tropical islands


Fiji the country

halter and tank tops

weird, i know....

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the smell of pine needles and mud

smell of bleach

anything around my wrists.... (it takes me weeks to be OK with wearing watches and I have wristbands put on around my upper arm)

the feel of rope or rolled cloth

muddy clothes

photographs of unhappy looking children

30is light haired men with thick horn rimmed or black plastic framed glasses

being asked what's wrong

being touched on the back, neck arms or having my arms grabbed (without warning)

hearing an older man say to a boy "we're best friends"

restraints- ropes, cuffs ties whatever

leather belts

nylon work jackets

socks in any color but od green, black or white

the phrase "s*ck my d*ck"

falling into water (I have no problem jumping or being thrown in)

Geez, didn't realize I had so many...


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lets see,

-any sexual talk

-anyone touching me anywhere

-dark bedspreads

-anyone who looks like they are satisfied with what they are doing

-any sudden noises

-the wind when i am asleep

i think that there are a few other, i just cant think of them at the moment.


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White cars still make me a little paranoid every once-in-awhile, mainly ones with red interior. I'm convinced I'll never have a white car.

The phrase "I'm crazy about you." I can't stand to have anyone say that.

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Yep. Got a couple. I hadn't thought about this prior to seeing this thread, so here goes, **TRIGGER WARNING**

OK -

I have all the usuals - touching, being naked, any movie/show with violence towards women. Being hit on.

Then I have a few "strangies":

-the Hallmark movie, "The Secret Garden" (It was on during...)

-"Chinese stars" - weird "collector" type knives

-bondage and S&M ANYTHING

-station wagons (luckily , I don't see that many anymore)

-diet iced t (**T**what he drugged me with - I still have no idea WHAT he used)

-long trench coats

-stocky young men in the 5'8" - 5'9" height category

-sweaty men, stinky men, smell of perspiration

-DIRT . The 2nd **P** - He was a filthy pig, covered in sweat and dirt form a water ditch he'd been skateboarding in - literally covered in slime with filthy hands, fingers, everything...just putrid.

-ANY sex on TV, movies

-receiving oral sex

-giving oral sex (I have to be drunk, and it has to be MY call, and it's VERY infrequent, that's for certain!)

-being told what to do, ordered, etc...

-the words,"Suck on it", "you know you like it", the usual phrases these sickos use...that mine used - in movies with r*pe scenes, etc...

-**T*** fingers inside me...that is a gigantic NO NO for me. Has to do with the dirt thing already listed!**endT

-the blue couch my parents used to have in their living room. I hated that thing more than anything else in the entire world, and they didn't get rid of it until a few years ago. I had to see that rotten reminder for, like, 14 years...UGH!..and any couch like it, as well...though luckily, that style's now so outdated, I hardly see anymore of those around either...yipee!

In fact, I nearly had a PARTY the day my parents FINALLY got rid of that da--ed couch!

Thank you very much for this thread. I didn't realize how many things, and how often I get that sick inside feeling, still.

Hugs to everyone else who shared!

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Mine are not very weird or unusual but would like to list them

Having my legs held down

Heavy breathing into or near my ear

Having someone be between me and the only door out of a room

The phrase "It'll feel good. Trust me."

Mixed tuna fish for sandwiches

Holding my arms down above my head.

A man staring in to my eyes while he tries to be intimate.....freaks me out

A few of mine....not really unusual

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  • 3 weeks later...


:scared: :scared:

things I do

breasts getting hard, getting turned on, nipples "erecting"


Being alone or one other person. male or female.

Silence. waiting.


Myself nude

Lying on anything other then a bed.

Lying with my legs up.


my legs spread apart.

My hair not loose.

My hair up.

My period.

Anything that goes in a vagina (I can't where tampons).

I must have a towel in the shower, otherwise I don't feel "safe"

tight clothing

Bras. Especially ones designed to be sexy.

panties. Especially ones designed to be sexy.

bathing suits

Being given clothing. I must take them myself. (on this note - I almost kicked a saleslady who was giving me a shirt.)

Being in a clothing store.

Wearing shorts.

wearing a long skirt (yes it can't come below me knees - for reason the opposite of what I would expect)

Having my hair cut.

lying on my stomach.

not shaving my pubic area. (This happened after one of the guys at the club paid $30 to take tweezers and work on each hair one

by one)

things other people do

having my hands/arms held down above my head

anyone touching me

any talk of sexual matters

any risk of flirting or dating

being sat on

cigarette breath

alcohol breath

enclosed, dark places

All boys. Period.

rape scenes in TV & film


Those models you see in clothing stores.

Someone holding me. Even a friend trying to hold my wrist to walk me somewhere.

Lights off in a classroom. (I have started to get over this one)

People complimenting me or talking about me.

Any non-my-name word directed at me ("honey", "sweetie", "whore", nicknames)

One person laughing near other people near me.

kissing, especially if the man is holding me.

Ppl acting like they don't believe something I'm saying.

Someone saying yes after I say no. (I remember in school one time there was an oral quiz and I was asked a yes/no question.

I answered "no". The teacher (male) responds almost immediately "its yes, your wrong" I go berserk at this, I start to yell no,

and run out of the room.)

See anyone nude


people lying next to me.

People touching my hair. Even brushing it myself.

Being stared at

Covering my eyes

My wrists being held so I can't move them.

Bar soap and anything else that men have decided was worthy of sticking up there

someone looking at my breasts or my body

Condoms (male or female)

Men behind me in lines.

Mothers who comment on there child's looks.

My arms held above my head or behind my back or to my sides or anywhere else

people telling me that they are doing something for my own good

vomit (One guy at the club had vomited on my stomach rubbed it in. I then vomited to. He made me sit on it. Then then

stuck my vomiting in my mouth when kissing)

Being choked



sound of clothing ripping.

people making out.

hearing the price at a store by a male. I reminds me of being sold.

someone suckling my nipples

my "social worker"




People close to me.

being pressured to do anything

Someone using me.

needles (some guy at the club decided to poke me all night)


"examination" (my fourth and second mother; school)

"I love you" (people at the club)

"Its for you" (people at the club)

"Its to help you" (my fourth "mother"

"I want to check you out" (my fourth "mother")

"do it" (people at the club)

"suck it" (people at the club)

"you know you want to" (people at the club)

"bad girl"

"come over here"

"Don't cry"

"Don't worry"


Being told how I feel.

being told I am s/o toy

gym class (this is a whole category unto itself)

being spied on

pressure on my stomach.

My gym class. (one of the worst ones: the changing room has no private spots, you must change in public; the boys very often

sneak into the girls room and hide in lockers; I broke a guys leg when I found them in one locker, he was starting to come

out and I slammed the door; those that don't hide, hide cameras; games are almost always contact sports like soccer or

football, and guys play with the girls.)

more on gym - we do push ups at the start of class, followed by crunches. The teacher has recently started to make hold the

other person down; for push ups s/o (male or female) puts there hands on your back, and crunches your stomach. The boys on

more then one occasion (including today) have tried for something more.....gym is the worst class of the day.


looking badly. I don't know why, but I must look nice (clothing, make up) - but not sexy - but if I can find any flaw in my

looks its bad - but I can't be complimented - I can't actuallty figure this one out at all.

Seeing young girls hugging their fathers. I want to scream at them and tell them to watch out.


~Fists and the back of hands. I cower and try to hide when they are raised, even if they are not supposed to be violent.

Eeek. In School when someone raises there hand I start to shiver.



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My triggers::

RED ALARM CLOCK NUMBERS. (especially seeing-- 10:12 around when it began and 2:31 about when it ended)

Any loud or sudden noise.

The sound of a whip and/or spanking.

Laying on my stomach.

Arms pinned above my head.

beer bottles.

rope, especially small thin rope. *shivers*

anyone touching me.

Phone chords.

the words, SAY IT!!! That's a big one. and many more, too many to list here.

Being told what to say in any way. (I was told what to say during my torture)

Not being able to breath.


Laying on my back.

Having my legs to far open.


Men with blue eyes.

Men with a swimmer's body type.


Feeling buzzed and sleeping.

Being trapped or tangled in my covers.

Wow, that's all for right now, starting to freak myself out. I'll be back if I think of any more.

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The song "Perfect" by Alanis Morissette. I had to ask DH to forward it FAST the other day when he was playing Jagged Little Pill... it was what was going through my head when I slept with my r*pist after he'd hurt me (we also used to sing that song together) and I just can't listen to it again.

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One is me crawling on the floor

I run a home child care, and crawl on the floor to pick up toys, or play with the kids. I can't do it anymore, I can't crawl.

Being alone with any man besides my husband

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My weirdest one is orange condoms.

Another is having men who I don't know/trust get too close to me, especially if I have back to a corner/wall of some sort that would prevent me from turning and running.

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