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Chat Mods Needed

This announcement is no longer active



Dear Members

We have noted an interest in Chat, and specifically having themed Chats at a given time. At the moment we have no active Chat Mods, and we would like to see some Chat Mods re-instated. They would have support and back-up from the moderator team, and current Section Mods are welcome to apply too. We will provide some training for our Chat Mods to help prepare them for the situation.

In conjunction with this, should a member have an idea for a Chat topic that they would like to share with the Board Moderating team we may be able to link you with a current mod for support during the chat.

Please message a Board Moderator or post directly in the Help Desk if you are interested in being a Chat Mod, and/or have ideas for topics for Chat.

Thank you.

The Board Mods - Patricia, Hope, Jesse & Jenny


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