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New Staff

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Congratulations to all of our new Section Moderators!  We are so happy to recognize these new volunteers who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and reach out to support all of us in our use of Pandy's.  Please join us in giving them a thank you and a supportive PM, and please be patient if mistakes are made in the process.  

@Charleigh            Mental Wellness

@Lydina                  Nightmares, Flashbacks, Anniversaries & Other Triggers

@Lou21                  My Voice and Introduce Yourself

@RachelJ               Mental Wellness

@krismase              My Voice

@Brehiri                My Voice and Types of Sexual Assault

@mbholly               Introduce Yourself and Disordered Eating

Congratulations to all of our new volunteers and a million thanks to our current staff:

The current Section Moderators

@Brehiri                 My Voice

@Shadowsong      My Voice

@blondie2002       My Life

@mbholly              Introduce Yourself

@Salemkitty         Introduce Yourself

@fosca                 Self-Injury

@APPLE3             Self-Injury

@Butterfly13          Nightmares, Flashbacks, Anniversaries & Other Triggers

@ArinaAnon            Types of Sexual Assault

@AnInfiniteMind       DID

and Board Moderators

@Jesse     @Jenny    @Hope      @Patricia

Please know we are here to support you, so please share any ideas you have to make Pandy's better


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