Problems with Mobile?


We are getting some sporadic reports of users having issues with mobile devices.  Typically we suggest going to the top right corner or the tablet or phone and enabling the web view or desktop view and for most users this seems to fix the problem.  For a smaller group of users there seems to be a continued list of issues.  We don't have a good enough grasp of those problems to be able to offer any fixes to those users, so we would like users who are struggling to begin providing some more cohesive information through the Help Desk so we can begin to attempt some troubleshooting.  

If you have enabled web view or desk top view and still can't access items, then please provide the following information through the Help Desk:

  • Model of Device being Used
  • OS and Version of the most current update. 
    • If you have not run the most current update, do that update before you submit information to the Help Desk.  We will ask you to do that before we can attempt any trouble shooting anyway. 
    • I have an iPad, a Linux laptop, and and Android cell phone.  Other staff members have Windows machines.  
  • Browser being used. 
    • Update the browser to the most current version as well.  Same as the OS version, we will need this update to happen as well.
    • Try multiple Browsers to see if a different browser solves your problem (Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox). 
    • Not all Browsers are created equal.  I've used all of these and they work. 
  • What anti-virus program you are using. 
    • Check and make sure you've run your most recent anti-virus definitions for this too.  
    • Turn off any firewalls and see if that is making a difference

When you put this information in the Help Desk only the Board Moderators will see the content, and it will help us begin to see patterns.

If we can identify some things that need technical fixes on our end, we can submit a work order to our technical support person.  Otherwise, we can try to help you troubleshoot things on your end.

Please take care