Chat Rooms!!

This announcement is no longer active


Yipee!!! Look up at the top of the menu bar and you will see a new option is available.... Chat.  Click on that and you will see our two options that are available.....

There are now two chat rooms available for our membership; Healing Chat and General Chat with descriptions for both available for you if the titles are not clear.  All of the regular Pandy's guidelines and communication expectations must be followed in chat, so that means no talk of SU, self-harm, no numbers related to weight, exercise, or eating, and the DID guidelines must be followed in chat too. Please use Trigger Warnings and please continue to avoid profanity that is triggering to many members here.

There will be a pop-up of the rules before each person enters the chat room to remind each person of the rules of chat, so there are no requirements for submitting agreement to chat rules like we used to have.  

New Members will not have access to chat until they have made TEN posts and been a member a week.  Then their status will automatically change to Member.  This is something that will "automagically" occur within the system as part of the protections to make sure new accounts are real people and are not trolls, robots, or just scammers. There are also some algorithms used by the computer that excludes some of the posts by new members if they are only responding to their own threads. Guests do not have access and neither do Secondary Survivors or Researchers.  If your account hasn't switched over from new member to member and you are worried about it, please post in the help desk and one of the board moderators will take a look at your account.

Thank you to all of you for your patience and your support.  This has taken a great deal of research and we are not sure the transition will be smooth, but it is worth the effort.  Please know that the reporting system should still work, and so does the ignore feature.  If you have an issue with another member, you can report that problem so we can take a look and you can also ignore that poster so you are not triggered.  

If you have questions or issues please post about this in the Help Desk and one of the Board Moderators will get back with you and try to help.


Patricia for the Board Moderators